Whippet Training

About This Breed

Whippet dog training facts: The Whippet is a slim, stylish dog that has its origins in England. Whippet dog training will require no special attention, because of the gentle and easy-going nature of this breed. The Whippet belongs to the Sighthound family, looking somehow like the Greyhound, but is smaller in size. Like the Greyhounds, the Whippets are used in running competitions, because they can achieve high speed quickly.

They are very affectionate, and hardly ever bark, they trust anyone, so they won’t be good watchdogs. They can do well in apartments, but don’t forget that Whippet dog training must include some daily exercise.

How to Train the Whippet in Austin

If you want to successfully train the Whippet, respect its need for exercise on a regular basis. They enjoy a repetitive play, so you won’t have to worry too much about inventing new ways to entertain your dog. Just throw a ball or a Frisbee, and your dog will be very content to fetch them to you.

The obedience training will probably be sufficient for the Whippet. They can easily be trained to use the crate, and also they will understand the use of the leash. But be prepared to lose control on your Whippet when they see something that resembles a rabbit or a small animal. It will be alert and will try to chase it. To avoid this, try training your Whippet to ignore these things, by giving them other activities to do. But you will never be able to completely avoid the Whippet’s tendency to chase. Whippet training can be fun for both dog and owner.

They will be lovely housedogs, and sometimes they will spend time with you watching TV or sleeping. They are never aggressive towards other animals, so the Whippet dog training won’t have to worry about this aspect.