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Nina Collins

cortniereddyGrowing up on 10 acres, I got to experience a unique childhood filled with animals! We had horses, dogs, cats, goats, chickens, hamsters, a ferret, and some fish. From a very young age, I learned the care and effort that goes into having pets. Along with that, I learned how amazing animals are.

Several years ago I moved to Austin in search of the next chapter in my life. I found it in a boarding & grooming business (I had worked in my mom’s grooming shop in my teen years). While working there, I got to see dogs interacting in a social setting. I became fascinated with the way they communicated with each other and how my subtle movements affected them, so I began seeking out more and more knowledge about the language of dogs.

I have always wanted to save every stray animal and will be that person to be 30 mins late because I was busy saving a dog . I do believe with the consistency of boundaries & proper socialization any dog can have a great life.

The more I learn about dog language, the stronger my passion becomes for teaching more people & dogs how to live cohesively. I have worked with thousands of dogs, so I know that each animal is unique and requires a specific approach to successful training. My training style is balanced and incorporates many different training philosophies.


Posted: October 27, 2016
Updated: December 1, 2017
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