Dog Daycare Toronto

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Dog Daycare Toronto

How Your Dog Will Benefit From Paws Playgrounds Dog Daycare in Toronto:

- Owning a dog means finding creative outlets for their energy. Regardless of the breed of dog you own, there are unique challenges to this task. Paws Playgrounds provides a safe and fun environment for your dog to experience high engagement in activity while socializing with other dogs or playing or relaxing alone. With 10,000 sq ft of facility, there’s a lot to keep your dog happy and engaged from the moment they arrive until the time they leave. Give your dog a place to run and play that they will enjoy returning to over and over as they become familiar with the grounds at Paws Playgrounds.

- If you have errands to run during the day and are worried about leaving your dog at home alone, you can drop your pet off at Paws Playgrounds and know they’ll be in the best care while you’re away. Paws Playgrounds is a safe and fun place for your dog to explore the grounds and make new friends. In fact, they’ll probably have more fun at Paws Playgrounds than they could have at another dog park. If your home does not offer enough space for your dog to run and play, they’ll be able to do that to their heart’s content while visiting Paws Playgrounds. The amount of exercise they’ll receive will be far greater than that from a typical walk through the park or around your neighborhood.

- Paws Playgrounds’ facility is the largest outdoor playground space in Toronto! With more than a quarter acre for dogs to run and play around all day on, there are splash pools, jungle gyms, ability sets, and more to keep them engaged. When they’re through having outdoor fun, the indoor daycare is open for a climate-controlled area that is perfect for relaxing, or playing when the weather outside does not cooperate.

- Rates are affordable for dog daycare in Toronto area’s most popular dog park. Purchase a single full day experience or 20 adventures with no expiration date. Paws Playgrounds even offers taxi service to pick up and drop off your dog, so you can go about your day with the least amount of interruption as your beloved dog goes off for a day of adventure and fun.

- Separated areas at Paws Playgrounds ensure that dogs of all sizes are ensured a safe space for play. If you own a small dog or a dog that is frightened of bigger dogs, they’ll love the exclusive environment that is filled with toys, bones, and a comfortable sofa where they will be safe from getting underfoot of larger dogs.

Visit the Paws Playgrounds website to find out more about services and prices at the most popular dog daycare in Toronto. Provide a place for your dog to get out of the house or off the chain and run, play, relax and experience everything Paws Playgrounds has to offer. They’ll love you for it!

Dog Daycare Toronto
Paws Playgrounds
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