Trained Protection Dogs

Fully trained family protection dogs.             TXDPS License # B03020601

Our dogs are hand selected for temperament and protective capability’s. These dogs are professionally trained, are social inside and outside the home environment. With a fully trained protection dog you can feel secure at home or anywhere you go. A fully trained dog will not just be there to protect, but be your companion as well.

Unfortunately, crime is part of our everyday news. From burglary to theft and assault. It can happen anywhere at any time. The average response time for police to arrive is 10 minutes and even more in some rural areas. Having a fully trained dog can be a great asset. It will not only allow you more time in an emergency, but may even save your life. Having locks and security systems can be a great deterrent, however can be easily be bypassed when someone is determined to cause harm. There is a reason dogs are still sought after today with law enforcement and military. After all what is more efficient then mans best friend?

About our dogs. We understand that family safety is the number one priority, which is why all of our dogs come from strong proven working lines. The German shepherd and Belgian malinois are the dogs of choice. We let our clients choose dogs based off their request and living environment. Each dog that goes though our program will have a strong level of obedience, on or off leash. We back up the health and training as well with a full 1 year warranty.

Its important to get a dog that meets your security needs. This is why we offer two different levels of protection. Below is a description of what each level entails. All clients receive a course with a trainer for 2-5 days. All necessary equipment that goes along with the dog will be included.

Level 1 protection dog.

Off leash obedience trainedDeterrent dog, will  alert to threatsLifetime support

Level 2 protection dog.

Off leashed obedience trainedWill show alert to threatsHandler protectionVehicle theft preventionDog will engage threatLifetime support

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