Protection Dog Training

Almost everyone has a different view about what protection dog training is. It may even be referred to as “guard dog” training by some. One of the first things to understand is not every dog is capable of doing such work. Protective breeds (German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman and Belgian malinois, to name a few) can make good candidates, however not all will possess good genetics for protection training. This is why we evaluate each dog before starting to work with them. Another misconception about protection training is that it will make a mean and aggressive dog. If you have to make a dog “mean” or aggressive to be protective then it is clearly not the right dog for protection training.

There are also different types of protection training. Sports like IGP/IPO also know as Schutzhund, PSA, and Mondioring are a great way to do protection work with your dog and also compete. Personal protection however is much different and requires a different temperament then most sport dogs have. Regardless of which discipline you choose Precision K9 Work can help you.

If you are interested in doing protection training with your dog or have any questions please contact us.
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Personal Protection Dog Training in  Austin, Texas and surrounding area

Private lessons

We offer protection training lessons for sport or personal protection to new or existing clients. Discounted packages are available. We would like to do an evaluation of your dog before training begins. Protection evaluations are $50 and held at our facility. Please contact us for pricing or scheduling an evaluation.

Board & train program

Our protection board & train program is aimed at training dogs for your specific needs. We understand that everyone has different goals, which is why we evaluate each dog first. During the program you will receive  video updates so you can see what progress is made. This program includes private lessons and all equipment. We specialize in all areas of protection work and work with you until goals are met. Contact Precision K9 Work for questions reguarding this program.

Fully trained dogs for sale

There are benefits in doing private lessons, however we offer the option of a getting a fully trained dog. This program is customized to your needs and all of our dogs will come with a full heath and obedience warranty. Learn more here.

ATX Working Dog Club

Guard Dog Training Austin Texas

During our Protection Club meetings we work on building drive, focus, and bite development associated with dog sports such as; Mondioring, IGP (previously IPO/Schutzhund), PSA, and French ring. We also help development and maintain training for Police K9 and PPD(personal protection dog). This club however is a PSA club. Which means we focus on the goals associated with that sport. A decoy/helper will work to bring out your dog’s potential and help build confidence.  Bite work requires obedience and control which will also be addressed during meetings.  If there are extreme obedience challenges, you will be asked to enter into an obedience training program.  Please know that not every dog is capable of doing this kind of work.  Most dogs will be at different levels.  An evaluation will be required to test temperament, drive, and assess goals prior to your first meeting.  Please contact us for membership fees and club schedule.