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Don’t teach your dog to stay.

Stay is a command many dog owners use regularly; however most professional dog trainers don’t use “stay” as one of our commands. It may sound strange, but there is good reason why. Let us explain: Most stay comes after a “sit” or “down.” At that...

Finding The Right Dog Training School

Getting a new puppy can be exciting. One thing that is not exciting is learning potty training. Dog training and puppy training should be fun. The same goes with teaching a puppy new behaviors. When finding a dog training school it is important to make sure positive...

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Austin Tx Dog Trainer Precision K9 Work

Precision k9Work We offer all types of dog training in and around Austin.  Whether you are looking for better obedience or even personal dog protection Precision K9 Work Can Help You. Here is a video of the owner doing some puppy training We have trained over 500 dogs,...

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