Austin Dog Training : The Basics from Our Expert Dog Trainer

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First Steps in basic Austin dog training commands

Most people in Austin enjoy playing with their dogs in their homes, taking them outside for walks, and playing in the park. For Austin dog training, all of these activities can give both the master and their pet a lot of joy throughout the years.

However, before the dog and his master has any civil relationship, there must be some basic dog training, especially if the owner wants the canine to follow specific instructions and commands. To get to this point – there are some specific basics the trainer must understand before the pet can obey their basic commands. That being said, here are some of the first steps to start with.

Austin Dog Training Techniques

  1. Start with the basics
    • While training your canine can be relatively lengthy based on the willingness of your pet, teaching them to sit is one of the natural places to start.
    • Training a puppy to sit is the most challenging but most rewarding.
    • If your little puppy can sit on command – your puppy is showing signs that it’s willing to learn more.
    • For instance, when you teach your canine to sit down whenever he hear the doorbell rings, they tend to be much less likely to jump up on any of your visitors whenever they enter your home.
    • This is a little bit more advanced session. We offer a free in-home consultation.
  2. Instruct the Canine to Come
    • Once your pet has mastered how to sit down when commanded, the next step for dog training process is to teach them how to come when called.
    • Come is also an excellent command to start with in the beginning, especially because this word helps to keep them out of all kinds of trouble.
    • For instance, if the canine is trying to escape through a fenced yard to run into the street, this command can help to prevent them from being involved an accident. This is also the most challenging one.
    • This is where our group classes come in handy. A lot of dogs will not listen due to other distractions. Find out how our class sessions can help you and your pet connect and learn this basic command.
  3. Learning the Command ‘Stay’
    • Another essential command that will need to be taught is ‘stay’. Even though Austin Dog Trainer professionals are skilled with ensuring the pet knows how to respond, it is still considered one of the most difficult commands to get across to them.
    • Getting this command through to them can take time, but it is also well worth the struggle.
    • Specifically, because this command is designed to teach the canine how to remain in a certain position until they are given more instructions to perform.
    • Either way, ‘stay’ is another command that dogs will need to learn as soon as it is possible.

Teaching your canine how to respond appropriately based on specific commands is one of the best ways to take control over their behavior in the home and outdoors too. Most professionals recommend at least three key commands that should be taught as soon as possible, and they are learning how to ‘sit’, how to ‘come’ when called and ‘stay’ when commanded are great starts to teaching your pet how to obey whenever called.