Affenpinscher Training

About This Breed

This dog is an excellent companion to adults and children alike, but Affenpinscher training programs are a bit more difficult to apply since the personality of this dog is a bit difficult to handle by inexperienced trainers. Housebreaking an Affenpinscher may be a difficult task if this is not done while the dog is still a puppy. Even so, older puppies tend to have medium to high levels of housebreaking difficulty. A week or two of dog training won’t work with this particular breed –  you will most likely spend at least a month until the dog starts obeying your commands properly.

It is very important to provide your Affenpinscher with a varied program, as they do not tolerate monotony too well. As with most intelligent dog breeds, the small Affenpinscher learns quickly but fails to obey all commands all of the time, because of their independent nature. Most owners find that, because of the high energy levels this dog has, the STAY command is difficult to train – here are the basic steps that have to be taken in order to achieve this goal:

The Austin “stay” Command Training for Affenpinscher Dogs

1. Begin by having the Affenpinscher sit or lay down.

2. Give out the STAY command.  It helps to do a gesture with your hand, in parallel, so that there is a visual element the dog identifies to the verbal command.

3. Even moderate success – a brief command response from your dog – should get the dog some praise. Lower your voice and praise the dog – a pat on the head and maybe even a small treat will also work but don’t overdo it.

4. Combine the STAY and COME commands and repeat them several times, giving the dog some praise every time they obey you.

5. You shouldn’t repeat the Affenpinscher dog training sequence more than a few times in a row, or the monotony will quickly make the dog loose interest. It is better to try a few series of the STAY command every day for a week or two, and then keep a constant frequency of repeating the command every couple of days

Other Austin Affenpinscher Training Commands

Using the praise method works well for training your dog all other commands, such as SIT or even some tricks, such as rollovers or paw shakes. Puppies especially desire your affection and praise, and they will do their best to obtain it. This is why Affenpinscher Austin training programs should be initiated when the dog is small and more flexible to change his personality.