German Pinscher Training

About This Breed

The German Pinscher dogs are pretty small dogs and they come from Germany. It has some alternative names, such as: standard Pinscher or Zwergpinscher. There is no exact information about the origin of the German Pinscher dog. Some people believe that this breed derives from an old German breed crossed with the Schnauzers, which were crossed with the black Terrier. As for its character, the German Pinscher dog is a very energetic, brave and playful animal but very observant. It is a very good companion, especially with kids, on the condition of not being transported or intensively manipulated. So, generally, German Pinscher dog training is focused on the basic training commands as the dog is mostly used for enjoyment. Even though it is a playful animal, we recommend that you consider a firm and serious German Pinscher dog trainers in order to get the results you expect to get.

How to train a German Pinscher dog in Austin

Training the German Pinscher dog is not such a big deal. Either you choose to hire a trainer to perform the German Pinscher dog training program or you choose to do it by yourself, the results are to be shown shortly. Beside of being such a good companion, the German Pinscher dog is also a good guard dog and an excellent rat hunter. If the owner wants to use this dog for these two purposes, he has to have a full and specific German Pinscher dog training, which will allow the dog to function normally on the hunting field or to become a good guardian. You must work with the dog every single day for at least 2 times a day because otherwise, you will not get rapid results during the German Pinscher dog training course. The step by step information about how to train a German Pinscher dog needs to be followed accordingly, as the progressiveness is the key to every German Pinscher dog training.

Basic German Pinscher dog training commands in Austin

SIT – you can command your German Pinscher dog to sit only after you put the dog leash and the dog collar around the canine’s neck. After you took care of that, pull up the dog leash and push the dog down from its behind until it sits. If it won’t obey, pull the leash upward until it is really constrained to take the sitting position. Praise the dog when it executes the command.

STAY – ask your German Pinscher dog to stay only after you taught it how to sit. While the dog is in the sitting position, ask it to stay while you stand in front of it with the leash above the dog’s head. Repeat the command until the German Pinscher dog executes it without needing your help. German Pinscher dog training systems are based on assertive techniques; that is why the dog gets more and more self-confident after a proper and firm German Pinscher dog training.

LIE DOWN – it’s very important to know how to train your German Pinscher dog the four basic commands and implicit the lie-down command. Teaching your German Pinscher dog the lie-down command will require that you pull the dog leash in a diagonal direction towards the animal’s back or to push it down from its shoulder blades until it lies down. Do this gently so that the dog will respond positively to the command. Within a few weeks, you will notice good results.

STAND – to teach your German Pinscher dog the stand command, first hold the dog collar and give the command whilst pulling forward on the collar gently. Have the dog stand still for about 20 seconds. If it attempts to move, push gently on the collar in the reverse direction until it stands.