Parson Russell Terrier Training

About This Breed

The Parson Russell Terrier dog training can be a bit difficult because they may be very stubborn and independent. This breed originates in the Terrier group, being an English dog. The Parson Russell Terrier dog training might need a firm training with great experience. This breed is also known as the Jack Russell Terrier, though some experts say they are different breeds. The Parson Russell Terrier is also a show dog, being affectionate and amusing. This breed of dog has a special kind of intelligence, having the aspect of a square dog with short fur and different colored spots and markings, colors ranging from brown, red to tan or black.

How to Train a Parson Russell Terrier in Austin

If not trained properly as a puppy, the Jack Russell can be sometimes aggressive with other dogs. When you start the Parson Russell Terrier dog training make sure you socialize with other dogs, in order to create a habit for your dog not to become too aggressive. This will diminish the aggressive tendency of this breed.

When you own a puppy, it is not advisable to leave it alone in the apartment during the day unless it is crate trained.

When training the Parson Russell Terrier you must consider the strong hunting instincts that might manifest on other small animals. If not properly trained, don’t leave your Parson Russell Terrier near other small beings. To properly train the Parson Russell Terrier, make sure you offer many activities for your dog, otherwise the Parson Russell Terrier can become destructive. They can also jump as high as 5 feet, so measure your fence in order not to have trouble with your neighbors. You also have to train the Parson Russell puppy to learn who is the master; otherwise it will try to take over the command. This breed is recommended for experienced Terrier owners; otherwise it might be really difficult to train.