Rampur Greyhound Training

About This Breed

The Rampur Greyhound Dog is originated in Northern India , being a very energetic breed, able to run very fast and for a very long time. Rampur Greyhound dog training won’t be any different from other Greyhound training. Being about the same size with the Greyhounds, the Rampur Greyhounds are more muscular so the Rampur Greyhound dog training must include more exercise. The Rampur Greyhound has some special features that makes it unique, namely its Roman nose, high ears and feet looking like hare feet. The most usual color is gray, and the eye color is a very special one, ranging from brown to yellow or golden. The Rampur Greyhound is a very rare breed, and is endangered of becoming extinct, so you must be a lucky person to own one.

How to Train the Rampur Greyhound in Austin

If you don’t know how to train the Rampur Greyhound, start by socializing them from a very early age, this will improve the Rampur Greyhound’s tendency to be shy. They are really calm dogs with a lovely temperament. Rampur Greyhound dog training will be very enjoyable, and should contain little obedience training. The majority of Rampur Greyhounds have a well-developed prey instinct, so they will follow anything that moves. It will even harm small animals if not trained from an early age. With a light Rampur Greyhound dog training they will do okay with children and other dogs. Train your Rampur Greyhound in an open space, and try to offer your dog space at home in a yard, otherwise it will become a lazy apartment dog. You won’t have trouble with the barking, the Rampur Greyhounds are quite silent dogs. The Rampur Greyhound becomes really attached to their owners, and will make lovely companions for you.