Logan Verhagen

Animals have always been a part of my life ever since I can remember. Over the years I have had reptiles, cats, goats and of course dogs. Something that has that always intrigued me was the capability of a well trained dog. In 2015 I entered the pet professional world as a kennel technician while I was living in Houston, Texas. This was a great opportunity for me to handle many different breeds. The whole experience for me gave me new insight on canine behaviors. Knowing how to properly handle nervous dogs and aggressive dogs helped me as a trainer today. After 2 years as a kennel technician I branched out and started setting my sights on becoming a dog trainer. I started at Precision K9 Work as a client with my dog Stig. I enjoyed the balance training approach and it provided the off leash training I needed living on a large property. When I saw an opportunity open up for a dog trainer position I immediately applied. Now I help other dog owners build a better relationship with their dogs and teach the best techniques possible for training. As a trainer I continue to educate myself to better my ability as a trainer and for my clients. I have attended canine conferences every year I have been at Precision K9 Work and have attended Nino STS K9 seminars.

My pack

My dogs definitely keep me busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stig(GSD) is my second German Shepherd. I have learned so much from this dog. Honey(Malinois x Gsd) she is my agility dog I don’t know I what I would do without her. Xao(Czech GSD) is one powerful and intense German Shepherd. I acquired him after a few homes could not handle such a dog. However, I saw the potential with this guy! He has been challenging and rewarding all the same time. Ransom(mainois) is my newest addition. I am currently working with him as we plan to compete in PSA(protection sports Association).