Alopekis training

About This Breed

Alopekis dog training is an extremely easy and pleasant experience because they are very easy to train, being so cute and playful.

The alopekis dogs look like foxes, with short, smooth fur, a longer body rather than high and with an intelligent countenance. Their muzzle is long and wide at its basis, with powerful jaws. The head is big, with very developed cheeks, the eyes are like almonds, shiny, and their color is tightly related to the color of the fur. Their ears are triangular, wide, kind of rounded at the tips and always up. The Alopekis dog training basic commands are the same as the orders for any other type of dog or breed. Generally, any dog should be able to execute the four basic training commands, which can help the dog and the owner has a better relationship.

How to train an Alopekis dog in Austin

Training the Alopekis dogs how to behave is not supposed to be done for amusement, just to make people laugh, it is done for a better and serious purpose. Alopekis dog training is done for a better communication between the dog and its master, to help both, the owner and the dog have better lives. The information about how to train an Alopekis dogs can be taken from books, magazines, and other informational specialized stuff. Some internet websites are offering important information on Alopekis dog training basic commands and not only that. So, there is no point in not choosing to train your dog, as long as the information is always easy to get. Generally and normally, any Alopekis dog training involves dressage techniques using the dog collar and the dog leash, avoiding the use of force, negative and unpleasant approach. It is very important that the dog collar and the dog leash to be made of the finest material possible such as leather or nylon, so it will be comfortable for the dog and its master as well.

Basic Alopekis dog training commands in Austin

SIT. This is the first main order that any regular Alopekis dog should be finally able to do without the help of its trainer or owner. Sitting command will be done first by using the dog’s leash around its neck. The leash is pulled up at the same time with pressing down the back of the dog until it sits. It is important that the person who’s doing the training lessons to ask verbally the command while having the dog stay in that position. The reason for this is that after a short while, the dog will associate the verbal asking for the position.

STAY. This new basic order will follow the previous one, which was described above. First thing, when starting training this new order is to ask the dog sit. After that, the dog will be asked to stay while the trainer keeps the leash above its head while giving the command verbally. If the dog attempts not to stay, then the trainer ought to pull the leash upwards until the dog sits again. The dog will not be allowed to comfortably lie down with the help of the leash. Eventually, the dog will have to execute the command easily and promptly, no matter the situation or the context. An attempt of disturbing the dog while performing the command can be done by using its favorite toy. If the dog doesn’t get distracted when it successfully comprehended the command.

LIE DOWN. The Alopekis dog training lies down command is done by pushing down the dog’s back from its shoulders while verbally giving the order. This pushing down action needs to be done very gently, so the dog will have the possibility to answer positively. After this, the same command is done with the help of the dog leash, pulling it diagonally. Finally, the dog will have to respond to this command when verbally asked.

STAND. This is the last basic command and the rules are the same as for the previous orders. At this stage, the dog is pretty used to executing the other commands, so normally it would be very easy for the dog to learn the order. The item needed for teaching the dog this order is the dog leash, which is pulled forward easily on the dog collar. If the dog wants to move, then the leash is pulled in the other direction, so that the dog will have to stand still. Training the Alopekis dog these basic commands are of great help in the relationship between the dog and its master.