Beagle Harrier Training

About This Breed

Beagle Harrier training tips and tricks: The Beagle Harrier dog is originally from France. The size and the weight are the following: 42-50 centimeters tall and 24 kg. Its fur is pretty thick not very short and flat. The head is a little bit heavy, straight with a well-developed nose. The body is well built, moderate muscled and flat chest. The beagle harrier breed was obtained by crossing the beagle breed with the harrier one in 19 th century. The Beagle Harrier dog training can be concentrated on either the hunting techniques or the normal training, as these dogs are used as hunting dogs and companion dogs, as well. Due to their fastness and agility, the Beagle Harrier dog training lessons are easier to be performed in comparison with other dog breeds training.

How to train a Beagle Harrier dog in Austin

Training the Beagle Harrier dog is a very important issue for the owner. Especially, when these dogs are used for hunting, then the Beagle Harrier dog training must be started from an unripe age just to make sure the dog will have enough time to learn all the techniques it needs to put in practice while working on the field. Furthermore, the Beagle Harrier dog training may also include special lessons for detecting drugs, lost people and other important things like that, due to their keen sense of smell. Generally, any hunting dogs, which have a very well developed sense of smell, can be successfully used as police dogs, customs dogs and so on. As for their calm behavior, Beagle Harrier dog training will be focused when the dog is used only as a companion. In this case, it will have to know how to behave normally and to listen to its master. The information about how to train a Beagle Harrier dog can be found quite easily, in books, internet websites, magazines, and of course, from a direct source – the trainer.

Basic Beagle Harrier dog training commands in Austin

Using the dog leash and the dog collar in training a Beagle Harrier dog is the secret to having success.

SIT – you need to pull up the dog leash and push down the dog’s back until the animal will take the sit position. It is important that you give the verbal command while the dog takes the right position. Every time it does that, praise it with words or with food.

STAY – you can start teaching your Basic Beagle Harrier dog how to stay only after it was taught how to sit. First, you need to have your dog sit and then command it to stay while keeping the dog leash above its head. If it won’t obey, then pull the leash upwards until the dog sits again. Any repetitive Beagle Harrier dog training techniques will have results within some weeks after starting them.

LIE DOWN – you can find out how to train a Basic Beagle Harrier dog to lie down by reading the following text. You need to handle the dog leash diagonally towards the dog’s back so it will take the right position. It is important to ask the command verbally when the dog takes the lie down position.

STAND – this final command will be taught almost the same as the other previous commands. Now you need to pull forward on the dog collar until the Basic Beagle Harrier dog will stand and have it stand for about 20 seconds. The secret in teaching a Basic Beagle Harrier dog any command is to praise the dog, this way it will have its self confidence highly improved.