Beauceron Training

About This Breed

The Beauceron dog is originally from France and has other alternative names, such as Berger de Beauce, Bas Rouge, and French Shorthaired Shepherd. This kind of dog is very athletic giving the impression of power, briskness and movement discharge. This dog’s body structure is similar to the one of the Belgian Malinois, only that the Beauceron dog is bigger, like a Pincher Doberman. As for the dimensions, the Beauceron dogs are between 32 to 70 centimeters tall and they weigh up to 50 kg. Regarding the Beauceron dog training, they need a lot of attention and exercises. As for the temperament, these dogs are pretty braved, faithful and very intelligent. That is why the Beauceron dog training must be done in relation to its qualities and personality.

How to train a Beauceron dog in Austin

The Beauceron dog training is mostly focused on the obedience dressage and it is recognized by its promptitude used for understanding and executing the commands given by its master. Training a Beauceron dog is surely a wonderful activity because you can easily notice how obedient and cooperative your dog gets in a very short period of time. Trainers are always saying that it is not such a big deal to explain to other how to train a Beauceron dog. They are good guardians; their general look imposes fear and respect. Because of these good attributes, the Beauceron dog training lessons may also consist of special training techniques about how to become a good guard dog. The happiness that may be seen on their look and behavior make their master to be very proud of his/her dog, being very confident in achieving a huge improvement in their relationship due to the Beauceron dog training. Even though this dog breed is extremely obedient and calm, it is required a firm Beauceron dog training.

Basic Beauceron dog training commands in Austin

SIT – you will be able to teach a Beauceron dog to sit only if you have a dog collar and a dog leash put around the dog’s neck. To be more specific, you need to haul up the leash and push down the dog’s back while giving the sit command. After a while, the dog will get used to it by executing the order by itself.

STAY – while the dog is in the sit position, ask it to stay while keeping the dog leash over its head. You need to stand in front of your dog whilst you do that.

LIE DOWN – teaching a Beauceron dog to lie down can be done quite easily. You need to grasp the dog leash and lug it diagonally towards the dogs back while giving the lie-down command. Praise the dog the minute it executes the command.

STAND – the rules for teaching a Beauceron dog the stand command are the same as for other dog training commands. The dog collar will be pulled forward until the dog stands. Any Beauceron dog training methods are based on positive strengthening, that is why the dogs are getting more and more satisfied and obedient by the time the training course is finished. Beauceron dog training tips and tricks.