Bearded Collie Training

About This Breed

Tips and tricks regarding Bearded Collie dog training methods: The Bearded Collie dogs are used for protection and defense. Mostly, they are used for guarding the sheep herds but they are also used as accompany dogs. The Bearded Collie dogs are present in almost every dog competitions and exhibitions. Their fur is thick and rough, naturally and uniformly spread along its body. These dogs are generally calm and active, that is why Bearded Collie dog training is not very hard to be performed. They can run very fast rounding the yard with minimum effort. The Bearded Collie dogs are generally very healthy but they sometimes can develop different allergies and other affections that might occur from an unripe age. Any Bearded Collie dog training program can be done extremely easy if you convince your dog that what he has to do is what it wants to do.

How to train a Bearded Collie dog in Austin

Bearded Collie dog is a very active breed and needs to exercise a lot. Around 60 to 80 minutes per day should be enough for a dog like this. Its temperament is a calm one, being very happy if they are included in the household activities. The Bearded Collie dog training courses will be done in a very facile way because this dog breed is a quick learner and loves to be near humans. The information about how to train a Bearded Collie dog is presented and described in lots of internet websites, that is why the owner of the dog has a lot of options regarding the Bearded Collie dog training lessons. The Bearded Collies are getting along very good with other dogs and with other pets that live in the same household. The Bearded Collie dog training has to be very manifold and interesting because this breed needs a lot of mental and physical stimulations during the day. If you let a Bearded Collie alone in the house for a longer time, it will start to bark a lot and make some other damages around, so it is necessary to take it with you wherever you go or leave it with someone.

Basic Bearded Collie dog training commands in Austin

It is important to use the dog collar and the dog leash when wanting to teach your Bearded Collie dog the four basic training commands.

SIT – during the first command you have to pull up dog leash above the Bearded Collie dog’s head and push down its back at the same time whilst giving the verbal command. If the dog doesn’t want to obey then pull the leash upward. When the dog sits praise it.

STAY – after you have your dog sit command it to stay while keeping the dog leash above its head. After the dog gets used to the command try to distract its attention with a favorite toy. If it doesn’t get distracted when the command was fully comprehended.

LIE DOWN – you can teach your Bearded Collie to lie down by using the dog leash pulled diagonally towards the dog’s back. There is another possibility to do that by placing your own hand above the dog’s scapula and push it down while giving the command. The dog will make the connection between the position that it is forced to take and the word used at the same time.

STAND – the Bearded Collie dog training stand command is the last basic order to teach. It uses the dog collar, pulling it forward until the dog stands. Make it stand for about 20 seconds and try to do it over and over again until the dog gets really used to do it. As you may see it is not such a big deal to know how to train a Bearded Collie dog the four basic commands.