Bedlington Terrier Training

About This Breed

As we have mentioned before the Bedlington terrier dog was used in the past almost only for hunting but nowadays it is used as a pet dog, raised in the human’s household. That is why you need to know how to train a Bedlington terrier dog to be able to function as a pet within your home. By having a well done Bedlington terrier dog training, the dog’s owner needs to have control over his dog especially because it is a little bit dominant with other pets, which might challenge it. When it is annoyed, the Bedlington terrier dog might get into terrifying fights with other dogs or pets. Because of this independence and stubbornness that might be shown sometimes, the Bedlington terrier dog training may be a little bit difficult to be accomplished. It is highly recommended that any Bedlington terrier dog training to be started while the dog is still a puppy and to be concentrated on obedience methods. Furthermore, the training for Bedlington terrier dogs needs to be made in a soft and loving way, as these dogs don’t respond to any harsh or tough training.

Basic Bedlington terrier dog commands in Austin

SIT pulling up the dog leash while pressing the dog down will make it take the sit position. If it doesn’t want to obey then pull upward the dog leash so that the Bedlington terrier dog will sit. When you do that don’t forget to give the command verbally.

STAY – you need to make your dog sit first. Then ask it to stay while keeping the dog leash over its head. If it wants to get up then you should pull the leash upwards so that the dog will sit again.

LIE DOWN how to train a Bedlington terrier dog to lie down is to haul the leash in a diagonal way towards the dog’s back. In this way, the dog will be constrained to take the lie down position. You need to ask the command verbally the moment you start handling the dog collar or the dog leash.

STAND – the final basic command will also make use of the dog collar as it will be pulled onwards on the collar. When the dog is in the standing position, make it stay still for about 20 seconds.