Cane Corso Training

About This Breed

All Cane Corso training programs should keep in mind that the Corso has a dominant nature, especially towards other dogs. If he’s raised with other dogs he should be fine with them and the dog should be socialized with other animals at an early age. The Corso will not run from a fight and will not back down from a challenge and it will also show a reserved nature towards strangers. Given the history of this breed as a guard dog, Cane Corso training should insist on creating a clear hierarchy with you, the owner, as the pack leader. The Cane Corso bonds quickly to his family and become quite attached especially to children. They enjoy being included in the family activities. Corsos make excellent house or apartment dogs, however, keep in mind the dog requires daily exercise. The best place to start socializing and implementing the main rules of Cane Corso training can start as early as 8 weeks. It is strongly recommended that obedience training become a permanent part of your Corsos’ life. It doesn’t have to be an informal school but you should continue to work with the dog.

Basic Austin Training Commands for Cane Corso


You have to teach your dog to respond when you call his name. This is especially important in Cane Corso training, as you want to make sure the dog will come when called if a potentially dangerous situation is about to happen. This command is especially useful when used with the stay or sit command. Most people who like to take their dogs for walks without a leash should consider training their dog this command to perfection.


This command will stop your dog from jumping on someone, running out a door, leaping at another dog, chasing other pets or wildlife and so on. As part of the Cane Corso training program, try to reward your dog and play with him once he masters this command. The SIT command is also essential when you wish to go into a store and you leave your dog in the car or even outside. Try to test the strength of the command ask the dog to sit and then present him with an opportunity to break the command. Only do this when the COME command is working, as you will want to be able to get your dog back from any situation.


This command is even easier to teach because you can suggest your dog what the movement is like. Similar to the SIT command, you should teach your dog to lay down as a form of protection both for the dog and any potential problem pets or humans. Although this command is not very frequent with many of the milder dog breeds, Cane Corso training programs almost always include it in their schedule.

Leave it

A command was useful for when your dog is doing something you want to put an end to. Munching on slippers or chasing a cat,  these are actions you should use the LEAVE IT command for. Keep in mind that this particular dog breed has aggressive traits buried deep in their gene pool, so the Cane Corso training schedule should get the dangerous aspects of the breed under complete control by the owner.