Dutch Smoushond Training

About This Breed

The origins of this dog breed are not very known but some authors claim that the Dutch Smoushond dog or the Hollandse Smoushond can be related to the schnauzer. After the Second World War, this breed lost its popularity. After 20 years there were gathered important facts about this kind of dog and that had a comeback effect for the Dutch Smoushond dog. Dutch Smoushond Austin dog training is quite an easy process to follow because these dogs are very obedient and calm and that makes it easy for the trainers to achieve their purposes in training the Dutch Smoushond dogs. These dogs are generally raised in apartments; that is why it doesn’t need a very special and specific Dutch Smoushond dog training program.

How to train a Dutch Smoushond dog in Austin

Being such a good athlete, the Dutch Smoushond dog training program has to contain a lot of exercises, which are supposed to consume a big part of the energy that these dogs have. Especially, when we have a puppy Dutch Smoushond dog training, we have to consider plenty of exercises which will help the dogs develop their muscle tissue and also can help them in consuming their energy. Owners, who have at home a dog like this, can find step by step information about how to train a Dutch Smoushond dog from different internet websites, magazines, books, video cassettes and so on. There are really important Dutch Smoushond dog training programs in the whole world, which guarantee great results even from the first day of training. Dog dressage specialists excel themselves in finding and developing different training methods that will satisfy the dog’s master. It is believed that a more efficient Dutch Smoushond dog training consists of mild and short dressage lessons which can enable the dog to understand and execute all that it learned during the lessons.

Basic Dutch Smoushond dog training commands in Austin

SIT – first you need to place the dog collar and the dog leash around the dog’s neck. After you do that, ask your Dutch Smoushond dog to sit while pulling up the leash and pushing down on its back. You will have to make your dog to take the position in question for the first times until it will comprehend the verbal command and the position. Do not forget to praise the dog every time it listens to you.

STAY – you can start teaching your Dutch Smoushond dog the stay command only after it was taught how to sit. Give the stay command while the dog is in the sitting position. If it wants to get up pull the dog leash upwards until the dog sits again. Any Dutch Smoushond dog training is based on positive reinforcement which will increase the dog’s self-confidence and wiliness.

LIE DOWN – you are recommended to give the lie-down command at the same time with helping the dog take the position in question. You have two alternatives to do that, one is to place your hand above the dog’s shoulder blades and press down gently or to pull the dog leash diagonally towards the animal’s behind until it lies down. Both alternatives have the same purpose, to enable the Dutch Smoushond dog to execute the commands all by itself.

STAND – the last basic training command uses the same rules as the previous ones. It is not a big issue to know how to train a Dutch Smoushond dog the stand command. You can do that by just simply holding the dog collar and pull it forward slightly until the dog stands. You need to keep your Dutch Smoushond dog in the position for about 20 seconds at a time. After that, you may start repeating the exercise until positive results occur.