Dutch Shepherd Dog Training

About This Breed


The Dutch shepherd dog or the so-called Hollandse Hendershond dog is quite a big dog with a muscular and well-proportioned body. It may have long, medium or short hair with some spots all over the body. The overall aspect of these dogs is a powerful one, with strong teeth and well-developed figure. Owners of such kind of dogs have to take into consideration the temperament of these dogs when really deciding upon one specific Dutch shepherd dog training course. It is very important to know that harsh or severe Dutch shepherd dog training is totally not recommended. In spite of the fact that these dogs are pretty big and strong, they will never obey to such rough treatment, nay; they will react in a negative way if you insist.

How to train a Dutch shepherd dog in Austin

The Dutch shepherd dog needs to be exercised pretty much, at least twice a week. It is recommended to have mild Dutch shepherd dog training because there won’t be any satisfactory results if you treat your dog harshly. Reading information about how to train a Dutch shepherd dog is the first step in making the decision about having a Dutch shepherd dog training program. We are sure that everyone wants to have a healthier and happier dog, which can have a normal behavior in the society, especially when it is taken out for a walk. Following a proper Dutch shepherd dog training program you will see that your dog will know how to react to different situations, will have more liberty to explore new places because it won’t be walked with the dog leash anymore. The Dutch Shepherd dog’s master will have more confidence in his dog and he will let it free during their walks.

Basic Dutch shepherd dog training commands in Austin

SIT – you can teach your Dutch shepherd dog to sit after you place the dog leash and the dog collar around its neck. The next move is to pull up the leash whilst pushing down the dog’s back until it sits. Praise your dog whenever it listens to your commands.

STAY – first ask your Dutch shepherd dog to sit. After that, ask it to stay while keeping the dog leash over the dog’s head and you are standing in front of your dog. If the dog wants to get up then pull the leash upwards until the dog is constrained to sit. Keep repeating the stay command until the dog will execute it without anyone’s help.

LIE DOWN – teaching your Dutch shepherd dog the lie-down command will require that you help the dog execute the command in question for the first times. You can have two options when helping your dog understand this command. First, you place your hand above on the dog’s shoulder blades and press it down gently until it lies down. The second option is to use the dog leash in order to make the dog to take the lie down position. You will do that by pulling the leash diagonally towards the dog’s back until it lies down. You can repeat both of these two options until the dog will be able to lie down using its own will.

STAND – the basic Dutch shepherd dog training commands are normally taught on every dog, especially on puppies, which are easier to be trained. The last command will use the dog collar as an adjutant item, which will help you make your dog stand. Holding the dog collar and pull it forward will constrain your dog to stand. Don’t forget to ask the command verbally every time the dog takes the position required. By reading the above information you will be supplied with every detail you need to know about how to train a Dutch shepherd dog.