Danish Broholmer Training

About This Breed


The Danish broholmer dog is a big animal with strong and well built body and a dominant general aspect. The origin country is Denmark and this breed has been known since the middle ages. The Danish broholmer is quite a tall dog, it is between 70-75 centimeters tall and it weighs from 40 to 70 kg. Generally the Danish broholmer dog training is focused on developing the guard and the hunting skills, as these dogs are used for these two principal activities. Being such calm and friendly dogs, the Danish broholmer dog training lessons can be performed quite easily and can become a very pleasant activity.

How to train a Danish broholmer dog in Austin

The question about how to train a Danish broholmer dog is not a very difficult issue to find out the answer to. If you want your dog to have a normal behavior in the society, to listen to you, to cooperate with you, then you just need to have a Danish broholmer dog training course. Further more, if you want your dog to be well trained when going hunting, it is also important to consider a special hunting Danish broholmer dog training course. If you do that, your hunting colleagues will be thrilled by the progress your dog is having and will also ask you where you have the Danish broholmer dog training done. If you use your Danish broholmer dog only for protecting your farm and you personally, you might need a different Danish broholmer dog training course. All the information about how to train a Danish broholmer dog and also the specific for every type of training can be found quite easily on books, websites and directly from a trainer.

Basic Danish broholmer dog training commands in Austin

Sit – the first basic command requires a lot of your Danish broholmer dog’s attention. First, you have to put the dog collar and the dog leash around your dog’s neck. Then you must haul the leash and push down the Danish broholmer dog in order for it to sit. While doing this action, don’t forget to ask the dog to sit otherwise it will not be able to execute the order when you ask it verbally.

STAY – after you teach your Danish broholmer dog to sit you can teach it to stay. You can do that by holding the dog leash above its head while standing in front of it. If the dog tries to move then pull the leash upwards until the dog is in the sit position again. If you repeat the command several times you will see that your dog will progressively learn how to execute the stay order by itself.

LIE DOWN – if you want to make your Danish broholmer dog learn the lie down command you have to teach it by doing the following: haul the dog leash diagonally towards the dogs back or place your hand above its shoulder blades and push down. It is important that you give the verbal command when you help the dog take the position in question. In a short while your dog will not need any help in executing the lie down command.

STAND – command your Danish broholmer dog to stand � help it learning the order by holding its dog collar and pull it forward easily. Have your dog stand for at least 20 seconds and then try again. Within a short period of time you will notice great progress in executing the command. It is very important to praise your dog verbally every time it executes a command. Danish broholmer dog training tips and tricks.