English Mastiff Training

About This Breed

The English mastiff dog is a large and powerful dog, well proportioned and equilibrated. The dimensions of these dogs are the following: 55-60 centimeters tall and the weight between 22-30 kg. The fur is grey, blue and even grey with blue with or without spots. English mastiff dog training has to be done in a very serious and rigorous manner because these dogs can be a great danger to outsiders. Otherwise, it is a very calm and loving dog, especially with its master and the family’s children. The English mastiff dog training program may be very complex and may take a long time because these dogs can be trained for being good guardians and also good companies for their masters.

How to train an English mastiff dog in Austin

You can find really important information about how to train an English mastiff dog if you seek for this information on the internet, bookstores and video cassette stores. Many people contact a specialist in order to have the best English mastiff dog training they can ever get, thinking that only this way their dog can be properly trained. Specialists always recommend starting English mastiff dog training only after we make plenty of temperamental tests for the dog which will be put under training. These tests are extremely important because they offer us a lot of information about the dog, and trainers can also prescribe the best English mastiff dog training that would work the best for every special dog. Besides all the specific information about how to train an English mastiff dog you also have to acknowledge some general data that can be applied to any dog breed training. We are referring here to the fact that any kind of dog needs to have fresh air and food every day. The physical exercise constitutes a good activity for the dog and also for its master, and it can’t be underestimated and neglected.

Basic English mastiff Austin dog training commands

SIT – to teach your English Mastiff dog how to sit, you need first to place the dog leash and the dog collar around the animal’s neck. If you pull up the leash and push down the dog from its back you will constrain it to take the sit position. If the dog doesn’t want to sit, then keep a firm grasp on the leash and pull upward. After you succeed in making your dog sit you have to praise the dog verbally but don’t let it change the position.

STAY – after you complete the sitting position, you may start customizing your English Mastiff dog with the stay position. You can do that if you command your dog to sit first. Then command it to stay while standing in front of it with the dog leash over its head. English mastiff dog training is found on positive reinforcement which will improve the dog’s self-confidence.

LIE DOWN – ask your English mastiff dog to lie down when you push it down from its shoulder blades or when you pull the dog leash diagonally towards its behind until the dog lies down. Do this gently so that the dog will have time to respond positively. Repeating these exercises over and over again will enable your dog to understand and make the connection between the position and the verbal command.

STAND – this last basic command will use the same rules as the one described above. You can teach your English Mastiff dog to stand if you hold the dog collar while asking it to stand at the same time with pulling forward on the collar gently. Keep your dog in the stand position for about 20 seconds. If the dog wants to move, push gently on the dog collar on the other way around until it sits again.