English Foxhound Training

About This Breed

The English foxhound dog is a hunting dog, used especially by the British people for fox hunting, organized by on horseback hunters accompanied by chasing dog packs. This kind of hunting is originated from the noble and royal history of Great Britain, but even nowadays we can find shoots organized in the same way as they were around two or three centuries ago. English foxhound dog training is concentrated especially on developing the hunting skills which are so necessary for a chasing dog. The general aspect of an English foxhound dog is a powerful one with firm and clear slots and well balanced. English foxhound dog training needs to be made in such a way that consumes the huge energy that these dogs show.

How to train an English foxhound dog in Austin

The agility and the power of these dogs make people, who love canines, to get really interested in finding information about how to train an English foxhound dog. Besides the fact that this dog is used for shoots, it may also be used for detecting blood in different places where might have happened serious accidents where human beings might have lost their lives. Two very good qualities shown by these dogs are the calmness and the friendship, which can make the English foxhound dog training program to be an easy and pleasant activity to do. Specialists recommend that we start training the English foxhound dog as soon as possible because puppies are easier to be trained than adult dogs. You will be amazed by the progress your puppy is going to have within a very short period of time after starting the English foxhound dog training program. Teaching your English foxhound dog the four basic commands is strictly important, as this is for any other dog breed.

Basic English foxhound dog training commands in Austin

SIT – the sit command can be taught by using the dog collar and the dog leash as key items. Your English foxhound dog will be able to execute the sitting command if you help it first do it. You can do that by pulling up the dog leash and push down the dog’s back until it sits. Repeat this exercise until your dog will be able to execute it without needing your help.

STAY – it’s recommended to teach your English foxhound dog to stay only after you taught it to sit. You can do this by asking it to sit first. Then ask it to stay while keeping the dog leash over its head. In case it wants to get up you need to pull the leash upwards until it takes the sit position again. By repeating this exercise for several times, your dog will be able to execute it easily without your help.

LIE DOWN – the lie-down command requires almost the same rules as the previous ones but with one exception. You may constrain your English foxhound dog to lie down by helping it, using two ways. One is to push the dog down until it lies down with the help of your hand placed on the dog’s shoulder blades or to use the dog leash which needs to be pulled diagonally towards the dog’s back. Within weeks, after doing this, your dog will take the lie down position whenever you ask it to.

STAND – the dog collar is the most important article in teaching your English foxhound dog the stand command. You have to hold the dog collar while giving the command and pull it forward until the dog stands. Have your pet stand for about 20 seconds at a time and then come back with the exercise. These basic dressage commands can consist of a serious English foxhound dog training course that will allow your dog to have a proper and decent behavior everywhere.

As soon as you finish training the four basic commands you will see that all the information about how to train an English foxhound dog worked perfectly and remarkably.