English Coonhound Training

About This Breed

The English Coonhound dog is quite a big canine, measuring 69 centimeters tall and weighs around 30 kg. Its fur is short and may have two colors, white with blue, white with red and also may have some black spots. English Coonhound dog training has to include a lot of exercises because these dogs are very energetic and playful. These hounds are not recommended to be bred in apartments; the reason for this is because of their activeness. Being such intelligent dogs, the English Coonhound dog training program is not very hard to be performed that is why the training courses can be a great pleasure for everybody involved.

How to train an English Coonhound dog in Austin

The information about how to train an English Coonhound dog can be easily found in different places, such as internet, books, magazines, DVDs and other stuff like that. The dog responds extremely well to proper English Coonhound dog training programs, in this case, you will end up having a very obedient and devoted dog. Nowadays, the English Coonhound dog is used for hunting, by hunters throughout America. Due to their developed sense of smell they are successfully used for detecting and chasing the hunt in the field. English Coonhound dog training may be a very complex process that is why it requires a lot of attention from the people involved in the whole training process. As for any other dog breed, it is recommended to have an English Coonhound puppy training because baby dogs are learning very fast and they are anxious to discover new things unconditionally. People are willing to get a dog like this because it gets very fond of children and bonds perfectly with its master. If you want to make sure that your dog will benefit from the best English Coonhound dog training you need to talk to a specialist as soon as you buy an English Coonhound puppy.

Basic English Coonhound dog training commands in Austin

SIT – teaching your Basic English Coonhound dog the four basic commands will require using the dog collar and the dog leash as dressage items used very often in such cases. First, you must place these two items around the dog’s neck and then you may start teaching it the sit command. You will do that by pulling the dog leash whilst pushing down the dog from its back. At the same time, you need to give the verbal command the minute your dog takes the right position.

STAY – you can start teaching your English Coonhound dog how to stay only after you taught it to sit. Command it to stay while the canine is in the sitting position. If it wants to get up then pull the dog leash upwards until the dog sits again. Do that every time it tries to move or get up. English Coonhound dog training methods are based on positive and assertive techniques; that is why it is vital to praise the dog very often, that way it will get more self-confidence.

LIE DOWN – you can have two alternatives about how to train an English Coonhound dog this third command. The first one is to press the dog down by its scapula bone until it lies down or to pull the dog leash diagonally unto the dog’s back. You must do these gently so that the dog will respond positively. Do not forget to give the verbal command while the dog is taking the requested position.

STAND – you can teach your English Coonhound dog to stand by holding on the dog collar and pull it forward while giving the verbal command. When you succeed, keep the dog in the position for about 20 seconds and then you may recur doing the exercise.