Finnish Lapphund Training

About This Breed

The Finnish Lapphund dog is originally from Finland and is a medium-sized dog with a strong body. The fur is long and straight. The dog measures maximum 52 centimeters in height and weighs 21 kg when adult. Its tail is curved with long and smooth fur all over. People are extremely interested in getting a dog like this, especially because it is a very good looking dog with cute face. They are very friendly dogs so you will not encounter any difficulties in getting the right results after having the Finnish Lapphund dog training program. Another reason why people get a dog like this is that of their intelligence and desire to cooperate with humans, especially with their masters. Finnish Lapphund dog training should not be performed in a hard way because no dog will respond positively to harsh treatments.

How to train a Finnish Lapphund dog in Austin

If you are really interested in getting proper information about how to train a Finnish Lapphund dog you don’t have to wait any longer. You can have a lot of alternatives and a lot of information so that you can figure it out by yourself which is the best Finnish Lapphund dog training for your dog. Accessing different websites on the internet is a really good chance for you to get into the picture about training the Finnish Lapphund dogs. Another alternative is to buy specific books which are written by trainers who have pretty much experience in training different kinds of dogs. Many people believe that the best way to choose a Finnish Lapphund dog training program is to contact a trainer who is supposed to analyze the temperament, the age, and the dog breed and then to decide which is the best Finnish Lapphund dog training related to your dog.

Basic Finnish Lapphund dog training commands in Austin

SIT – training the Finnish Lapphund dog the sitting command is not a difficult thing to do anymore. All you need is a dog collar and a dog leash and a little bit of knowledge about how to train a Finnish Lapphund dog and you can start the training. Do that by pulling up the dog leash while pushing down the dog from its back until it sits. If it won’t sit then pull the leash upward until it will sit. Give the verbal command every time your dog takes the requested position.

STAY – the second basic command will also use the dog leash in order to make your Finnish Lapphund dog to stay. You can teach it to stay only after the sitting command was successfully performed. Make your dog stay by keeping the leash over its head while you stand in front of the canine. Don’t forget that you should give the verbal stay command only after you asked the dog to sit.

LIE DOWN – teaching your Finnish Lapphund dog to lie down can be done by pushing the dog down from its shoulder blades until it lies down or by pulling the dog leash in a diagonal way towards the dog’s behind until it takes the position in question. It’s important to give the command while the dog takes the position.

STAND – to teach your Finnish Lapphund dog to stand, first hold the dog collar and then give the command while pulling forward on the collar slightly. You should keep the dog in the position for 20 seconds at a time. Don’t forget to praise the dog when it obeys and executes the requested command. The Finnish Lapphund dog training techniques are divided in progressive steps which need to be followed accordingly.