English Setter Training

About This Breed

The English setter dog or the Laverack setter is the oldest British setter. In the 16th century, this kind of dog was used only for bird hunting. It measures 61-68 centimeters tall and weighs 25-30 kg. The fur is long, a little bit curly and silky. It forms fringes on the four legs. The color is white with black, orange with white, yellow with white or brown with white. There are exceptions when the dog can have three colors, such as white, black with brown spots. As for its temperament, the English setter is vigorous, enthusiast, rapid and full of life; that is why the English setter dog trainers may be of a great complexity. It has an excellent sense of smell and this makes this dog be a good hunter and maybe a police dog. Because of these good qualities, it is highly requested to have a complex and rigorous English setter dog training in order to get the results you are waiting for.

How to train an English setter dog in Austin

It is very important to know exactly how to train an English setter dog and how to deal with it as you need to take into consideration that, the more you want to use your dog in other purposes than just being a companion dog, the complex the English setter dog training course gets. Any trainer is aware of the fact that this kind of dog or any other dog has to be trained when it is still a puppy because this way you will get the best results after going through the English setter dog training program. This British setter has a lot of good qualities, such as intelligence, calmness, fidelity, resilience, obedience, and hilarity. Its vivacious temperament and mobility make the owner feel great when taking the dog out for a walk, especially if he followed a proper English setter dog training.

Basic English setter dog training commands in Austin

SIT – teaching your English setter dog to sit will require that you place a dog collar and a dog leash around the dog’s neck. You can make your dog to sit if you pull up the dog leash and push it down until it sits. If it doesn’t want to obey then pull upward the leash until it takes the requested position. Do not forget to give the verbal command every time you constrain the dog to take the position that is going to be taught about.

STAY – you can start to teach your English setter dog the stay position only after you finished teaching it the first command. If you already did that, you can teach the stay command while the dog is in the sitting position. Ask the dog to stay while standing in front of it with the leash above its head. Repeat the exercise as much as you can, until you see the dog getting used to it and until it executes it without your help.

LIE DOWN – when you command your English setter dog to lie down help it do that by pushing it down with your hand from its shoulder blades or pull the leash diagonally towards its back until it lies down. Remember to praise the dog every time it obeys and executes the requested command. English setter dog training is the only solution that you can take for improving the relationship between you and your dog.

STAND – the final basic command will use the same rules like the previous ones. Constrain your English setter dog to stand by pulling forward the dog collar and give the command. Keep the dog in the position for about 20 seconds and then you may repeat the position until the dog gets more and more used to it. You don’t have to struggle too much in order to find proper information about how to train an English setter dog as there is plenty of it from countless sources.