Finnish Spitz Training

About This Breed

The Finnish Spitz dog is a medium sized dog with a foxy nice look. The fur is medium on the body but long on the tail, which is curled up on the back. The measurements for a dog like this are the following: the height is between 38-51 centimeters and the weight is between 14-16 kg. Finnish Spitz dog training is mostly focused on accompaniment lessons because plenty of these dogs are raised as pets in human households. A reason for that is that the Finnish Spitz dog is a very friendly and devoted pet, extremely attached to humans, especially to children. There are exceptions, when the breeder uses this dog for hunting as the spits are good for bird hunting. In these cases, Finnish Spitz dog training is concentrated mostly on developing the hunting skills.

How to train a Finnish Spitz dog in Austin

We are sure that anyone would like to have a very well trained dog but a lot of people can’t afford to hire a trainer to get this issue sorted out. For this category of breeders, the information about how to train a Finnish Spitz dog is to be found in countless specialized books which have professionals as authors. They can also find important details on Finnish Spitz dog training on the internet web sites, DVDs, video cassettes and even magazines. Before thinking to start training the Finnish Spitz dog you have to take into consideration every important detail about your dog. Age, type of breed, temperament of the dog are some of the most important things that need to be taken care of when deciding to have a Finnish Spitz dog training program. The training course will be chosen in accordance with the dog’s temperamental tests, which are done in order to avoid any unpleasant issues during Finnish Spitz dog training.

Basic Finnish Spitz dog training commands in Austin

SIT – before starting to teach your Finnish Spitz dog the basic commands you have to place the dog leash and the dog collar around the dog’s neck. After doing that you may start training the Finnish Spitz dog the first basic command. If you pull up the dog leash and press the dog gently from its back will constrain it to sit. If it wants to get up pull the leash upwards until the dog obeys. Giving the verbal command while the dog takes the position is highly requested.

STAY – to teach your Finnish Spitz dog to stay will take you to handle the dog leash in order to make the canine stay. While the dog is in the sitting position, ask it to stay while you stand in front of your dog with the leash above its head. After the Finnish Spitz dog gets used to the command try to distract it with a favorite toy and see the reaction. If the distraction has no effect on it then you successfully completed the stay command.

LIE DOWN – the third command will use the same rules as the previous one presented above. If you want to teach your Finnish Spitz dog the lie down command you will have to push down the dog from its shoulder blades with your hand or to pull the leash diagonally towards the dog’s behind. Any Finnish Spitz dog training is based on positive strengthening that is why it is importantly requested to praise the dog every time you have the chance to do it.

STAND – teaching your Finnish Spitz dog the stand command is very much alike like teaching it the other anterior commands. This time you have to hold the dog collar and give the command while pulling the collar forward in a gentle way. You must keep the dog in the stand position for about 20 seconds at a time. After completing the dressage lessons for the 4 basic commands you will be grateful to see that the whole information about how to train a Finnish Spitz dog worked perfectly.