French Bulldog Training

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French Bulldog Training in Austin

Here are some of the most common commands that you will have to work on during French Bulldog training. Remember that you are dealing with a dog breed that is tough and dominant, so you have to impose yourself as the alpha leader first. French Bulldog training is not something that should involve aversive methods or aggression. A positive approach to French Bulldog training is more likely to be effective.


Teach your bulldog to respond when you call his name. This is especially important in French Bulldog training , as you want to make sure the dog will come when called if a potentially dangerous situation is about to happen. The COME command is one of the first your dog should learn.


The SIT command is also important and will come in handy in several occasions: when you go into a store and you leave your dog in the car or even outside, for example, the SIT command will make sure the dog is not distracted.


This command is even easier to teach because you can suggest your dog what the movement is like. Teach your French Bulldog to lay down as a form of protection both for the dog and any potential problem pets or humans. It’s not hard to teach this command once the dog masters the SIT command.

Leave it

French bulldogs are independent and often tend to go their own way. Proper French Bulldog training should temper some of their independence, but they will still have behavioral signs that you want to have control over. The LEAVE IT command is used when the dog grabs something, whether it is a toy, food or any other object.


This signals the end of either the STAY or the DOWN commands. It is important to let the dog realize that this is the end of a previous command – French Bulldog training is not difficult at all once the dog learns the in and out phases of a command.