Galgo Espanol Training

About This Breed

The Galgo Espanol dog or the Spanish Greyhound is a Spanish dog and the name comes from an individual called Gauls, who took care of inhabiting the Iberian Peninsula. This ancient dog breed is mostly used as a hunting dog because these canines have a very developed sense of smell. Galgo Espanol dog training is mainly focused on developing the hunting skills which have to be taught progressively. Even though the dog is destined to be used for hunting and in the past it was used only for that purpose, nowadays people have it for accompaniment as well because of the devotion and amity shown by these dogs. In this case, the dog’s owner should think of having an accompaniment Galgo Espanol dog training course.

How to train a Galgo Espanol dog in Austin

The specific methods and information about how to train a Galgo Espanol dog are to be read before starting any dressage lesson.

The accompaniment Galgo Espanol dog training consists of the following commands: sit, stay, lie down, and stand. These commands will have a wonderful effect on your dog by having a civilized behavior in the society. Having a well-trained dog will be a real pleasure for anyone to take it out for a walk or to have it as a jogging partner when you go on your holiday. In order for you to have a well-trained dog, which will listen to you unconditionally, you need to involve yourself in Galgo Espanol dog training, especially if you didn’t succeed to be recognized by your dog as a pack ganger. It is ideal that you follow the trainer’s indications and try to perform the Galgo Espanol dog training lessons on your own. If you don’t have enough time to do that, it is compulsory needed to participate to some dressage lessons, especially the last ones. If you do it this way, you will have a very good dog which will cooperate with you fabulously. The secret about any dog training is to get used to all the necessary information about how to train a Galgo Espanol dog.

Basic Galgo Espanol dog training commands in Austin

SIT – training your Galgo Espanol dog the sit command will not take you a lot of time. First, place the dog collar and the dog leash around the animal’s neck and start teaching it the first command. In order to constrain your dog to sit you need to pull up the dog leash and push down on its back until it sits. Give the verbal command while the dog takes the position and praise it when it did that. You will see that within weeks your dog will execute the command without you helping it.

STAY – after you finished the first command you may start to teach your Galgo Espanol dog the second basic command. Ask the dog to sit and then to stay while you stand in front of your dog with the leash above its head. If it wants to get up, pull the leash high up until the dog sits again. If it won’t obey again, hold the leash high enough so that it can’t lie down comfortably. After you repeat the exercise over and over again you will notice important improvements within a short period of time.

LIE DOWN – command your Galgo Espanol dog to lie down while you push it down on its shoulder blades with your hand or by pulling the leash towards its back until it lies down. Do this gently so you can give your dog enough time to respond to the action properly. Galgo Espanol dog training methods are always based on positive reinforcement; that is why you need to compliment the dog all the time because in this way it will get more and more self-confidence.

STAND – you can teach your Galgo Espanol dog the stand command will require that you use the same rules used by the previous basic commands. You need to hold the dog collar and pull it forward while giving the verbal command. Keep the dog in the position for about 20 seconds and then repeat the exercise until you will see that your dog doesn’t need your help anymore in executing the stand command.