Hairless Khala Training

About This Breed

The Hairless Khala dog comes from South America and there are two types of hairless Khalas, a smaller and a bigger one. It has some other alternative names, such as: Caa Allepo, Pila or simple Khala. This dog’s measurements are as follows: 36-51 centimeters in height and weighs between 7 to 14 kg. Because these dogs are hairless, we recommend that you buy some proper clothes for them, such as a sweater, for the cold or too hot temperatures. Being a hound, Hairless Khala dog training is mostly concentrated on developing the hunting skills which are so useful in the field. Many trainers say that Hairless Khala dog training is a very nice and pleasant thing to do because these dogs are so obedient and they like to satisfy their masters.

How to train a Hairless Khala dog in Austin

Hunting Hairless Khala dog training usually starts after one year, which is a mistake. The specialized dressage elements must be trained when the puppy is 6 months old. It is crucial to get the right information about how to train a Hairless Khala dog, as that will have an important effect on your dog when it gets mature. Hunting dogs are selected at the age of 4 months, hiding food deep down in the sand, ground or other substrata. After that, Hairless Khala dog training continues with educating selectivity, the sense of smell and then the dog is trained in order to improve the obedience and communication capabilities. During the Hairless Khala dog training programs the puppies are getting used to the sound of the weapons, they are taught not to bark only when they are asked to and they are tested to see their reactions towards a game. As you can see there a lot of important issues that you need to know about how to train a Hairless Khala dog.

Basic Hairless Khala dog training commands in Austin

SIT – first of all, you need to place a dog collar and a dog leash around your dog’s neck. After you did that you may start the first lesson on Hairless Khala dog training. If you pull up the dog leash and push down the dog from its back it will make your Hairless Khala dog to sit. If it won’t obey, keep a firm grip on the leash while pulling upward. After the dog takes the sitting position, praise it but don’t let it get up. Within several weeks your Hairless Khala dog will execute the sitting command by itself when it is asked to.

STAY – command your Hairless Khala dog to stay while it is in the sitting position. You need to be standing in front of the dog with the dog leash over its head when you do that. If it wants to get up pull the leash upwards until the dog sits again. If it doesn’t obey hold the leash high enough so it can’t lie down comfortably. Work on the command until the dog obeys promptly and executes the stay command without help.

LIE DOWN – teaching your Hairless Khala dog the lie-down command will ask your help for the first times. You can do that by placing your hand above the dog’s shoulder blades and push down or you can pull the dog leash in a diagonal direction towards its back until the animal will lie down. Keep repeating the command until the dog will be able to do it without your help. Don’t forget to praise the dog every time it does it properly, in this way you will increase its self-confidence.

STAND – to teach your Hairless Khala dog the stand command you need to follow almost the same rules as you followed with the previous commands. Hold the dog collar and give the command while pulling forward on the collar in a gentle way. Keep the dog in the stand position for about 20 seconds. If it wants to move, push gently the dog collar in a reverse way until the dog stands again.