Haldenstovare Training

About This Breed

The Haldenstovare dog is a Norwegian graceful dog, used especially for hunting. Its name comes from the town of Halden, where this kind of breed was created for the first time. Haldenstovare dog training is a very complex program that may consist of many steps which need to be followed progressively. This dog’s height is 23 inches tall and the weight is 55 pounds. The fur is short, bright and thick with three color options but the white is the most predominant color. You need to get yourself involved in the Haldenstovare dog training process otherwise you will not get the expected results. If you can not do that for the entire training process you may sort the problem out by participating too, at least, the last dressage lessons.

How to train a Haldenstovare dog in Austin

If your dog has behavior problems you should read carefully the following information. A big part of the behavioral problems is caused by the master’s mistakes during the Haldenstovare dog training when the education and socialization should be done in the most proper way. A very important aspect of training an equilibrated temperamental dog is represented by the dog’s socialization, towards humans and other dogs. You can get all this information about how to train a Haldenstovare dog from so many different and countless sources but you would better seek for a specialized counseling, otherwise, you might encounter unpleasant results. You have to make sure that during Haldenstovare dog training your dog will be well socialized, and not only then, but after the training process. If you don’t socialize your dog properly that can cause a lot of behavioral problems for your dog, like aggressiveness and incertitude. The recuperation for such kinds of dogs can be done by the master only under a trainer’s guidance, who will give exact indications on Haldenstovare dog training. So, as you can see the information about how to train a Haldenstovare dog is so important to be followed step and step, in the same order as they were recommended.

Basic Haldenstovare dog training commands in Austin

SIT – as soon as you decide to follow a Haldenstovare dog training program and when you decide to teach your Haldenstovare dog the sitting command you need to make sure you place the dog collar and the dog leash around the animal’s neck. If you pull up the dog leash and push the dog down on its back you will have it sit. Don’t forget to give the verbal command the moment it takes the position and then praise it. Within several weeks your Haldenstovare dog will show very good results in learning this command.

STAY – have your Haldenstovare dog in the sitting position and then ask it to stay while you stand in front of your dog with the dog leash above its head. Repeat the exercise until the dog obeys without any resistance.

LIE DOWN – teaching Haldenstovare dogs the lie-down command will follow the same rules as the previous commands presented above. Push gently the dog down from its shoulder blades or pull the leash in a diagonal way towards the dog’s back until it lies down. After you got used the dog with the command using your help, let it execute the position by itself only when you give the verbal command.

STAND – teach your Haldenstovare dog the stand command by pulling forward the dog collar in a gentle way. Keep the dog in the position for 20 seconds and then work on the command until the dog is able to make the connection between the position and the work stand.