Hokkaido Dog Training

About This Breed

This is not a very popular breed in the United States and the UK, but it is quite common in Japan. Hokkaido dog training is quite similar to the programs used in training related dogs. The dog bears different names, such as Hokkaido Dog Ainu Dog, Ainu-Ken, Ainu Inu, Hakkaidoken. Proper obedience training is necessary with these dogs, as they can become quite savage unless properly socialized. Try to get your dog out of the house and allow the puppy to come in contact with humans and other pets constantly. Hokkaido dogs are quite independent and, as with all work dogs, tend to dominate those around them. Hokkaido dog training should never lose focus on this aspect, otherwise, the dog will be a terrible pet. Of course, a strong bond between dog and owner is also necessary if you are going to use the Hokkaido as a working dog.

Adapt the Austin training program to the personality of your Hokkaido

While general commands will work for this particular dog breed, you also have to listen closely to the messages transmitted by your dog. It is impossible to achieve good Hokkaido dog training unless you manage to read the body language and facial expressions of your dog. Also, note that this dog breed responds particularly well to positive training. Although they do not need the affection that is normally required for bonding with a Golden Retriever or Daschund, for example, Hokkaidos require constant contact with their owner in order to keep the bond strong. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when creating a Hokkaido dog training program for your puppy:

  • Don’t let the Hokaido puppy have his way just because he is cute � he will learn that he can have his own way and practice that in adulthood as well.
  • Positive training is the first choice, but do not exaggerate your praise.
  • Hokkaido dog training can become repetitive, and these dogs don’t respond well to monotony � always insert an element of novelty in their training.
  • Hokkaido dogs are generally clean and do not require a lot of maintenance and housebreaking. However, a spoiled Hokkaido puppy will grow up to be a real menace to the house if he is not properly trained.
  • Teach your dog the basic commands, such as COME and SIT as the initial steps of your Hokkaido dog training program, and only proceed to more complex commands once the basic ones are well known by the dog.