Italian Greyhound Training

About This Breed

Breed Info and Basic Training for Italian Greyhound In Austin

Italian Greyhounds are a particularly interesting breed for those that enjoy an energetic and athletic pet. These dogs are fast and active, and require proper exercise as part of the Italian Greyhound training program. Here is a series of tips that will help you shape or develop a good Italian Greyhound training program:

  • Teach the dog where his place is around the home � the does and don’ts of living with your family.
  • Set a schedule for the dog to learn: nap time, food time, bath time. Consistent training is essential for Italian Greyhounds, so try to set a schedule that doesn’t change too much in time.
  • Although routines are appreciated by dogs, as they give them security, they may also become monotony, so make sure to change slight details related to your dog’s life every now and then.
  • Be firm when teaching your greyhound the basic commands. He or she should learn that a NO is a definitive command, not something which gives them room for independence.
  • When it comes to housebreaking, many Italian Greyhound training courses teach you how to go step by step and gradually introduce the puppy to his or her spot. Housebreaking training shouldn’t start earlier than 8 weeks and the puppy should be fully housetrained by the time he reaches about 8 months of age.
  • Socializing is essential for the active greyhound. Teach the dog to be calm around strangers, when they try to pet him, especially if you are also present.
  • Italian Greyhound training should also focus on teaching the puppy the following things: how to respond to commands, how to walk in a leash, how to look at you everytime you call his name, how to obey your SIT or STAY command, regardless of the distractions around him.
  • Begin these Italian Greyhound training commands early and constantly go through them with your dog, until perfect responses are achieved.