Jamthund Training

About This Breed

The Jamthund dog resembles a lot in aspect with the wild wolf. The dog is used especially for hunting throughout Northern Europe but it is also a very good companion. The coat is very thick and has two color options: white and grey. Concerning the measurements, the Jamthund dog is 25 inches tall and weighs 66 pounds. Jamthund dog training is a very complex and rigorous process, especially because the dog needs to be trained in such a way to get its hunting skills developed. These dogs are extremely friendly and they bond very well with children so in this case, it is necessary to undergo a basic Jamthund dog training .

How to train a Jamthund dog

Getting your dog’s attention is the most important thing that you can get during the Jamthund dog training process. Attention is the proof that you use a very motivating and efficient dressage method, which can develop the abilities and qualities of human and the dog. Trainers always claim that it is extremely important to pay attention to all information about how to train a Jamthund dog. The first step when the communication is concerned is captivating the canine’s interest. Without having this phase, the communication becomes uni-directional and inefficient. Even form the first Jamthund dog training lessons; the trainer pursues to get the animal’s attention. The complete information about how to train a Jamthund dog involves the idea of getting the dog’s attention with the help of the rewarding actions which stimulates and improves the dog’s cooperation for the team work. During the Jamthund dog training, especially within the education process, the dog has to be protected from the disturbing factors (in the first stage, the training is being performed in a neutral place). And then, in a while, after completing the commands, you can train your dog in a park or on the street.

Basic Jamthund dog training commands

SIT – for starters, you need to place the dog collar and the dog leash around your dog’s neck. After doing that, you can start teaching the Jamthund dog the sitting position by pulling up the dog leash at the same time with pushing the dog down until it sits. Don’t forget to give the verbal command while the dog takes the position in question.

STAY ï- you can start teaching your Jamthund dog the stay command only after it learned how to sit. Have the dog sit first and then ask it to stay while you stand in front of your dog with the dog leash above its head. If the dog won’t obey, pull the leash high up until the dog will sit again. Praise the dog every time it executes the command you asked. Jamthund dog training methods are pretty much based on positive reinforcement which will increase the dog’s self confidence.

LIE DOWN – to teach your Jamthund dog how to lie down, first haul the dog leash in a diagonal way towards the animal’s behind or place your hand on its scapula and push down until the dog will lie down. It might happen that you will not get prompt responses at first but keep trying until the canine is able to associate the verbal command with the position.

STAND – training Jamthund dogs the stand command is almost the same with teaching them the other three basic commands which were previously described. Hold the dog collar first and give the verbal command in the same time when you pull the collar forward in a gentle way. Keep the dog in the stand position for 20 seconds. If it attempts to move, push on the dog collar gently in the opposite way until the canine will stand.