Kai Ken Training

About This Breed

The Kai Ken dog is a Japanese medium-sized canine which is being related to the Spitz dogs. It has some other alternative names, such as: Kai Inu, Tora Inu, Kai dog or Tiger dog. With regards to its appearance, the Kai Ken dog is between 18-22 inches tall with medium length black fur. Unfortunately, this type of dog breed is pretty rare, even in Japan ; that is why it is called to be a national treasure along the centuries. These dogs are good hunters and also good guardians. Kai Ken dog training is started from puppyhood, from the age of 4 months and it is focused especially on developing the hunting and watching skills. The Kai Ken dogs are very intelligent, active, astute, loyal and valiant animals, therefore Kai Ken dog training is a pleasant activity for the trainer, master, and even the dog.

How to train a Kai Ken dog in Austin

If you are really interested in getting the most proper Kai Ken dog training you should look out for exact information about this issue. You may have a lot of options about how to train a Kai Ken dog, such as: getting in contact with a trainer, buying some specific books, DVDs or accessing several internet websites. If you really want to have a healthier and happier dog you should not think twice about this. It is very likely that you will get good results even from the first day of training either way you choose. You can now have access to every secret regarding the Kai Ken dog training program, secrets that have been known only by specialists until recently. This information about how to train a Kai Ken dog is using the best new dressage procedures which you help you get a very obedient and happy dog. Professionals say that having a good Kai Ken dog training is mainly in the dog’s interest and the relationship between the master and the dog.

Basic Kai Ken dog training commands in Austin

SIT – for being able to teach your Kai Ken dog the four basic commands you need to use a dog collar and a dog leash placed on the animal’s neck. Pull up the dog leash while pressing the dog down on its back until it sits. If it won’t obey, grab the leash firmly and pull it upward. When the dog is in the position praise it but don’t let it get up for a while. Work on the command until you get fast responses from the dog.

STAY – have your Kai Ken dog in the sitting position and then ask it to stay whilst you hold the dog leash over its head. It’s important that you give the verbal command before the dog takes the position and after he is in the right position compliment it.

LIE DOWN – training Kai Ken dogs the lie down position requests that you help the dog get used to this position for the first times. Do that by pushing the dog down with the help of your hand or by using the dog leash which is going to be pulled diagonally towards the dog’s behind until the animal takes the requested position. Kai Ken dog training has a very good effect upon your dog’s social life and upon the relationship between the dog and its master.

STAND – train your Kai Ken dog the stand command by holding the dog collar and pull it forward slightly until the dog stands. Keep the dog in the position for about 20 seconds and then let it move and start the command again until it will be able to execute it alone. Kai Ken dog training commands are pretty ease to be taught on dogs but you need to make sure you got used to them before doing that.