Kaikadi Training

About This Breed

The Kaikadi dog is an Indian dog and takes part of the terrier breed. The dog resembles a lot with the whippet dog but this one is a little bit smaller. The Kaikadi dog’s dimensions are: maximum 40 centimeters in height and the weight is somewhere between 4 to 7 kg. The coat is short and thick and may have three color options, such as: white, black or tan. Kaikadi dog training sets apart through the fact that it is quite a complex process because these dogs are used for hunting, watching and companionship. Although Kaikadi dog training requires a lot of time and money, being a little bit long process, it is a very pleasant and enjoyable activity, mainly because these cute little dogs are very friendly and affectionate.

How to train a Kaikadi dog in Austin

You need to know and have exact information about how to train a Kaikadi dog and then you may choose the most proper Kaikadi dog training in accordance with the dog’s temperament, age, sex and other important details about it. Similar to wolves, dogs are native plunders, within a wild environment they feed themselves with what they hunt; that is why dogs are perfectly adapted for hunting. Specialists claim that it is extremely important to follow the steps concerning the Kaikadi dog training program because only that way you can get the best results which you expect. They say there is a proper age that you can start training Kaikadi dogs in such a way that your dog will be able to learn everything progressively and without any rush. A very important detail about how to train a Kaikadi dog is that hunting dogs are got used to the sound of gun even from puppy hood, they are taught when to bark and when not, they are tested to see their reactions towards game. During Kaikadi dog training, the dogs are taught how to be selective and how to communicate with the master. The obedient behavior is also developed during this process.

Basic Kaikadi dog training commands in Austin

SIT – during the four basic commands training you need to use the dog collar and the dog leash as adjutant articles, which is why you need to place then around your dog’s neck. If you want to get your Kaikadi dog in the sitting position you need to help it first to do that by pulling up the dog leash at the same time with pushing the dog down on its back until the animal will sit. Allow the dog to get used to the command by repeating it over and over again until you get prompt responses every time you ask the dog to sit.

STAY – to teach your Kaikadi dog to stay, have it sit first. Then give the stay command while you hold the dog leash over its head. If it won’t stay, pull the leash high up so that the dog will sit again. If this won’t work either hold the leash high enough so the dog can’t lie down comfortably. Eventually, the dog will obey and execute the command properly.

LIE DOWN – this third basic command will use the same rules as were used for the previous commands. Train your Kaikadi dog to lie down by placing your own hand on the dog’s scapula and press down gently until it will lie down. You may also make the dog take the same position by pulling the dog leash diagonally towards the animal’s behind. Kaikadi dog training methods have the only purpose of changing and improving your dog’s behavior, towards other people around and its family as well.

STAND – command your Kaikadi dog to stand when you hold and pull forward the dog collar in a gentle manner. This action will constrain the animal to stand and when it does that keep it in the position for a short while and after that you can repeat the command.