Mioritic Training

About This Breed

This massive dog is covered in thick fluffy hair and has one of the best personalities that recommend this breed as a good choice for many owners. Mioritic dog training is easier to apply, when compared to a huge selection of other dog breeds, as this dog has discipline as one of their main characteristics. As this dog was used as a herd protector, he is very attached to family and goes all the way when protecting those he is attached to. Because of this dog’s ability to bond strongly with his master, Mioritic dog training should only be started once the Mioritic puppy is already accustomed to the owner/trainer. The combined strength and loyalty of the Mioritic recommend the breed as a good choice for guard dogs, pets and flock dogs. Here are some of the basic commands you should teach your dog as initial steps in a https://precisionk9work.com/complete Mioritic dog training program:

Basic Austin Training Commands for Mioritic Dogs

SIT – To teach your dog how to sit, first place a leash on the collar of your dog. Pull up in the leash while pushing down on his back until he is in the sitting position. If your dog won’t sit, keep a firm grip on the leash while pulling upward. After your Mioritic is in the right position, praise the dog, but do not let him get up. This enables the puppy to associate your command with this position. After a while, allow the dog to get out of that position and repeat the command until you get prompt responses every time.

STAY – After you teach your dog to sit, you can teach him to stay. First, have him sit. Then command him to STAY while you stand in front of him with the leash over his head. Mioritic dog training tips and methods are often based on positive reinforcement – if your dog gets up, you should pull the leash upwards until the dog sits again. If he doesn’t, however, praise the dog verbally. Hold the leash high enough that he can’t comfortably lie down. After the dog gets used to the command, distract him with his favorite toy. Work on the command until the distractions have no effect anymore, this repetitive training technique will take a few weeks of work until positive results are noticed.

LIE DOWN – Command your dog to lie down, help your terrier do this by placing your hand above his shoulder blades and pushing down. Do this gently and the dog will respond positively. After teaching the dog to respond to this command with help, the next step is to teach him to lie down without pushing his front down. You should pull the leash diagonally toward the back. The first few times, you should push down on its front so he knows to lie down. After that, he should associate the diagonal pull on the leash and the command with the proper action. Once your dog learns this, you can teach him to lie down by just using words. Training Mioritics is a rewarding task, since these smart dogs can show excellent progress in a very short while.

STAND – Teaching your dog the STAND command is very similar to the methods used for the previously given commands. Hold his collar and give the command while pulling forward on the collar slightly. Have the dog stand still for about 20 seconds. If the dog tries to move, push gently on the collar in the opposite direction until he stands still.

While using the above mentioned Mioritic dog training tips try to enforce your position as the Alpha leader in gentle way, as aversive training might result in poor responses from your dog and a fragile bond between pet and master.