Pekingese Training

About This Breed

Pekingese dog training will take some time because this breed is often stubborn and has an independent nature. However, the Pekingese breed can brag with qualities like intelligence, affection, good balance, all these features in a really small package, the Peke having only between 6 to 9 inches in height. The Peke is available in all colors or shapes. It has long fur that needs special attention. The Pekingese will become your best friend if you treat them with respect, but will be jealous of anyone approaching you. It has a very strong will and sometimes refuses to come if called, so the Pekingese dog training program must pay special attention to this particularity of the breed.

How to Train the Pekingese in Austin

The Pekingese dog training schedule must consider the fact that this small dog has a mind of its own and will be led by its own will, and only that. This is the reason why it is advisable to train the puppy from the very beginning and try to make it understand what you want from a dog. Pekingese dog training must necessarily contain obedience classes that will improve the behavior of your friend. The crate training is recommended if you live in an apartment. You must teach the puppy to get used to the leash. The Pekes will not respond to tough, loud tone of voice, so try to be gentle, soft and very patient. If you want to train the Pekingese properly, you also have to socialize the dog with other dogs; otherwise the Peke becomes aggressive towards other animals. The stubborn Peke must be convinced that the training will help, so you must work on convincing your pet. The Pekes tend to bark a lot, so choose an activity or even chew toys to give it when this happens.