Rajapalayam Training

About This Breed

The Rajapalayam breed of dog is also known under the names of Paleiyakaran and Poligar, being a dog of Indian provenience, very rare these days. Rajapalayam dog training will be easier than the training of any other hound dog, due to the friendly nature of the Rajapalayam. The Poligar has a warm, caring nature, but sometimes can become aggressive even to the owner family. This is an area the Rajapalayam dog training has to pay special attention. The Paleiyakarans are used for hunting purposes, but can make great watchdogs as well. The most common colors of this breed include white, black, gray and red. The fur is short and abundant. Here are some more Rajapalayam dog training tips:

How to Train the Rajapalayam in Austin

The Paleiyakaran tends to get close to one member of the family, ignoring the others, and often making jealousy scenes; so training the Paleiyakarans will require obedience training. The Polgar will be a great watchdog, but if you want only a pet, then try to teach your pet not to bark. If you want to know how to train your Rajapalayam dog not to bark, consider the following tips: walk your dog daily, give a chew toy when you hear your dog barking, you may fill the toy with food, or you may even try to distract your barking dog by making some other louder noise. But remember, the Rajapalayam only barks because it wants to offer protection. When training the Polgar, keep in mind that this breed will only appreciate one handler throughout the whole training. It will not react well to strangers or if the trainer is changed during Rajapalayam dog training. For best feedback during the training, respect the need for space of the Rajapalayam, offering a spacious yard and plenty of exercise.