Thai Bangkaew Training

About This Breed

The regular Thai Bangkaew dog training routine will not be difficult if the process is given the right attention. The Thai Bangkaew is a rare breed of dog. It is brown and white or black and white, but the all white range is also available. The Thai Bangkaew is very active, being a good swimmer and digger. It is a very well proportioned dog, of medium size. Thai Bangkaew dog training will be able to teach your dog to properly watch and protect your home and family. They are very intelligent and like to play and they will bring joy to your life. Here are some Thai Bangkaew training tips:

How to Train a Thai Bangkaew Dog in Austin

If want to get the best results in the Thai Bangkaew dog training, try to understand your dog. You’ll have a happy and affectionate dog, but only if you train it the right way. The Thai Bangkaew may be shy, and you must work to correct this feature from early puppy hood.

You can easily crate-train your puppy, but make sure you don’t use harsh words if the pup won’t always use the crate. After all, it is a baby dog you are dealing with.

The Thai Bangkaew will bark at any unknown person, but will shut up if the owner commands this. The positive reinforcement methods will give the best results when training the Thai Bangkaew.

One thing you must know about this breed of dog, namely that its worst habit is that it will dig your entire yard, and you cannot do anything about this. No training will help this bad habit.

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