Welsh Terrier Training

About This Breed

In most cases, Welsh Terrier training will be quite a painstaking process. Even if you are acquainted with Terrier behavior, it won’t be any different. The Welsh Terrier is a very friendly-looking big dog. It is available in brown and black or red. The Welsh Terrier is a very healthy dog, provided you take care of its diet and respect the need for regular exercise. The Welsh Terrier is a highly intelligent breed of dog, and has a very strong will. When doing the Welsh Terrier dog training consider doing a lot of varied activities, otherwise your dog will become bored.

How to Train the Welsh Terrier in Austin

Here are some more Welsh Terrier training tips: If you want to know how to train the Welsh Terrier, you have to have a lot of patience and start from a very early age. The leash training program will be very difficult, due to the alert temperament of this dog that will want to run after any small creature.

Crate training will take some time, but don’t use strong words if the puppy wets the floor. Remember you are dealing with a baby dog. Obedience training will give good results.

The Welsh Terrier tend to bark a lot, so try to correct that, by giving the dog other interesting and enjoyable activities. Try also to give some chew toys to distract your dog from other noises, or spray your dog with water on the face when barking. The Welsh Terrier will not like the water, and will associate barking with this negative experience, so you might get some good results.

Always remember to give plenty of games to play to your dog; simple walks won’t be enough for your pet.