Every expectation I had was exceeded…

14 Jul Every expectation I had was exceeded…

I reached out to precision K9 to get some help cleaning up my pups “non existent obedience” in hopes one day I could trust my boxer off leash. Only 3 lessons later, all the basics are down (and a few other tricks the kids were hoping to see) the whole staff is amazing and helpful.

They did not try to push products or tools, in fact they were very willing to work with me with my previous collar. Or let me know websites/brands that were both quality and cost effective. Group classes have also now given me confidence my little boxer pup will be off leash ready and a lot sooner then expected. With everything going on in the world.

I expected scheduling to be a nightmare. It was always so easy to reach out to them (text or call) and reschedule an appointment even same day! Every expectation I had was exceeded and my only complaint is I wish I spoke with Precision K9 sooner. Anything from family pet to working dog or just guidance with issues or bad doggy habits give them a call!!!!

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