Alsatian Training

About This Breed

Alsatian Training

The Alsatian dog or, the so called, German shepherd dog is a very special dog breed. The Alsatian dog training lessons are performed very easily because this dog breed is perfectly made for being trained. This German shepherd dog is always impatient to please its master. Because of this positive quality, the Alsatian dog training is concentrated on the obedience and protection lessons. Training the Alsatian dogs is very important because these dogs are used for search and rescues and, as you may imagine, they can really save lots of lives. As a description, the Alsatians are large dogs, very strong and very good looking. Their fur is very abundant, it can be short or long, while the color and the shades are very different, most of them are cream and brown but there are also black or white Alsatian dogs. The well bred German shepherd dogs have powerful jaws and very strong teeth.

How to train an Alsatian Dog in Austin

The techniques on how to train an Alsatian dog are numerous and rigorously put into practice. The Alsatian dog training lessons consist of many hours of exercises with the dog, especially because the German shepherd dog is used for attacking and releasing on command. This is the number one delegate of the utilitarian dog breeds; the Alsatian dog is the best guard and defense dog, used also for protection and accompaniment, being used as police dogs, military dogs, border lookout, cattle and individual lookout. The Alsatian dog training lessons will help the dog develop some special abilities in order to help the blind people or other individuals with different disabilities to function in the society as normal as possible. About other important things with regards to the Alsatian dog training is that the dressage lessons should also include the preparation of the dog for finding and rescuing people in mountains, after fire, under debris, for detecting drugs, gas and so on. As you may imagine the Alsatian dog training takes a lot of time, a lot of energy and money.

Basic Alsatian Dog Training in Austin

How to train an Alsatian dog the four basic training commands are going to be described bellow.

SIT – teaching the Alsatians to sit will need the dog collar and the dog leash as important items for fulfilling this order. The trainer will have to ask the dog this command while pulling up the leash and also pushing down its back until the dog sits. After the dog takes the requested position, the trainer or the owner has to praise and to stroke the dog. Learning this command will be accomplished only after the dog executes the order when it is asked verbally.

STAY  – this second command is to be performed only after the first one was accomplished. This command will also use the dog leash, as the previous one. First, the dog has to stay sit. After that, it will be asked to stay while holding the leash over its head.

LIE DOWN  – the Alsatian dog can be taught how to lie down by handling the leash diagonally towards its back or by pushing down the dog from its shoulder blades while giving the command verbally. When the dog obeys and executes the command, praising is very important.

STAND  – the last and final basic command is the stand one. Doing this, you will need the dog collar, for example, it will be pulled forward in order to make the dog stand for about 20 seconds. If the Alsatian wants to move, then the trainer must push on the collar on the reverse way to make the dog stand again.