American Cocker Spaniel Training in Austin

About This Breed

The American cocker spaniel is a very good looking dog with curly fur and long ears, with a compact body and short back. Its cuteness comes from its look, which is more like a toy, just good for cuddling. The head is rounded with a wide muzzle, square jaws, and strong teeth. Any American cocker spaniel dog training program has to be in relation to the dog’s temperament and also with the dressage manners that are consisted in the whole package of any American cocker spaniel dog training lessons. This dog may develop shyness if they are not socialized properly from a small age. The American cocker spaniel is a very devoted dog, playful, friendly; it adores playing with children. They are used as gundogs but can be also grown in households.

How to Train an American Cocker Spaniel in Austin

Training an American cocker spaniel dog needs to concentrated on developing the dog’s respect towards its master and family. This way all the behavioral problems that might develop in an American cocker spaniel dog shall disappear and the good deportments are going to be revealed. The techniques about how to train an American cocker spaniel dog can be found quite easily if one is really interested in finding such information. The American cocker spaniel dog training lessons are indicated to be started while the dog is a puppy because baby dogs are more obedient and more curious about learning new things. The American cocker spaniel dog training courses will include lessons for learning the basic commands but also learning a lot of words and their meanings in order to get a more respectful and more obedient dog. Any American cocker spaniel dog training means education, respect and better behavior.

Basic American Cocker Spaniel Dog Training Commands in Austin

The secret of how to train an American cocker spaniel the four basic commands is that the trainer or the owner must handle the dog collar and the dog leash in such ways that it forces the dog to obey, without injuring the pet.

SIT – the first command will require pulling up the dog leash while pushing down the dog’s back until it will sit. It is important that the trainer will give the command verbally in the same time with doing the above things because that will give the dog the opportunity to associate the words with the position requested.

STAY – this command is to be performed after the first one was successfully accomplished. In this stage the key item is to be used as well, we are referring here to the dog leash, which will be held over the dog’s head while giving the command stay. It is important to praise the dog every time it executes a command.

LIE DOWN – the American cocker spaniel dog training concentrates on teaching the dog the lie down order as any other basic command presented here. The dog leash will be of great help again by making the dog take the right position. This command may be performed by using the leash or the hands of the trainer. The dog will be made to lie down by either pulling the leash diagonally towards the back or by pushing down the dog using the trainer’s hand.

STAND – the last and final basic command is the stand one and it follows the same principles like the other three orders presented above. For example, the leash will be pulled forward while the trainer gives the stand command. It is important that the dog stays in that position so that it gets used to the command.