Canadian Eskimo Dog Training

About This Breed

Canadian Eskimo Dog Training in Austin

Often known as the Esquimaux, this dog is a pure force of nature. Canadian Eskimo Dog training programs are very similar to those used to train Huskies and other northern dogs. Eskimo Dogs don’t bark and howl like wolves and they are mostly considered working dogs than pets. This sled and hunting dog found near the Arctic Circle is a representative of a pure breed 25,000 to 50,000 years old and also a descended from wolves. The Eskimo dog is powerfully built and big-boned. Its long, waterproof outer coat, variable in color, covers a thick, woolly undercoat. Canadian Eskimo Dog training that is specifically designed for this particular breed produces excellent results. The Eskimo dog is an excellent team player and offers maximum respect to the Alpha leader the owner. This tough dog is not picky and has a very high level of protection to disease due to a strong autoimmune system. Let’s have a look at some of the most important aspects of Canadian Eskimo Dog training:

  • Social dog training is a necessity for the Eskimo dogs. They require social dog training in order to diminish their feral spirit and also in order to allow them to define a precise social hierarchy.
  • During Canadian Eskimo Dog training programs, a kind approach with positive reinforcements is always the best choice. Harsh training methods will fail most of the time with the rugged Eskimo dog.
  • Focus on the essential training commands, such as come or stay. Moving on to more difficult commands should only be attempted once the basics are covered and when the dog sees you as the Alpha leader.
  • Make sure to be firm while training the dog, but never turn to aggression, or this will shatter all the trust the dog had invested in you up to that point. Canadian Eskimo Dog training programs that use a positive approach, combined with a firm set of commands, suitable to the ruggedness of this particular dog breed, are more likely to produce fast and lasting results.