Carolina Dog Training

About This Breed

Please read the following article for some important Carolina dog training issues: This breed was recognized as a breed in 1989 by the American Association of the rare breeds and in 1995 by the United Kennel Club. The origin country of this dog is the United States of America and it is used as a hunting and guard dog. As a temperament, the Carolina dog is kind of shy and unfriendly, especially to strangers. These dogs are also very suspicious, that is why you need to be very careful when planning to have a Carolina dog training course. Being a watch and hunting dog, the techniques that need to be taught are pretty important, all these being consisted of a special Carolina dog training course.

How to train a Carolina dog in Austin

Training the Carolina dogs is quite an important issue, mostly due to the weird temperament that this dog has. Being so suspicious and unfriendly, you need to know how to get close to such a dog and how to win its confidence. We think that having a real success with such types of dogs you need to speak with a trainer, who will give you important information about the Carolina dog training general lessons and also exact information about how to train a Carolina dog progressively.

The good news is that after a while, when the Carolina dog training is being carried on and also during the evolving process, the dog will start changing its attitude and behavior, becoming very obedient to its master. The relationship between the owner and the Carolina dog will be extremely improved because of this special Carolina dog training. Your hunting partners will be amazed by the progress showed by your dog during the hunting meetings; they will be satisfied by the way the two of you communicate. The trainer will give you step by step information about how to train your Carolina dog during the hunting meetings, as you may all imagine, practice is the best way of teaching the dogs how to behave in specific situations.

Basic Carolina dog training commands in Austin

SIT – if you want to teach your Carolina dog to sit you only have to pull up the dog leash around its neck and push down the dog’s back while giving it the sit command. After a while you will see that your dog will execute the sit command by itself when you will ask it to sit.

STAY – after you taught your Carolina dog to sit you may teach it to stay. You need to ask your dog to sit and then ask it to stay while you stand in front of it with the dog leash over its head. You may also hold the leash high enough so the dog can’t lie down comfortably until it gets used to the stay command.

LIE DOWN – in this case you can either push the dog down from its shoulder blades or pull the leash diagonally towards its back until it lies down, at the same time with giving the verbal command. Within a few weeks your Carolina dog will be able to associate the verbal command with the position you made it to stay then.

STAND – the last command will require that you hold the dog collar and pull it forward until the dog stands. It’s important that you make your Carolina dog stand for about 20 seconds at once. Then you can repeat the commands until the dog gets used to them.