Dogo Cubano Training

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The Obedience of the dog – Attending Training in Austin

The first lesson in the obedience Dogo Cubano training should obtain its dog to attend to the orders. You want to begin calling its name and then utilizing a keyword as the “clock” or the “look” later. This way, he will associate the words with an order. Once you have obtained their attention, the lessons can begin.

You want that their dog be capable to attend for a time limit of short time. Try to maintain its attention doing the exercises of the attention. An example would be to have a flavor of toy or dog at nearly the mouth and then the order of keyword gives him. Each time he takes the time to look at, to praise it. The more you do this exercise during Dogo Cubano training, the more times he should be capable of attending you. Try to obtain it to look at for at least a minute. Permit him to know that he does a good work rewarding it. The dogs learn better this way.

Because dogs have the capacity of so short concentration, they obtain absent-minded enough easily. Choose a place that is free of other distractions such as other favorite animals, the children or the strong noises. The training sessions owe only last approximately 30 tops of minutes. Generally, if you review this time limit, the dog will obtain restless and easily absent-minded.

If its dog does not learn very quickly, you can arrive at to be frustrated with the Dogo Cubano training program. Do not remove that frustration in its animal. Some few things to recall before beginning its lessons of the obedience:

1) never pain cause to its dog (this will cause it too timid far away neither will come be aggressive to you.)

2) If he begins to come to be absent-minded, he changes the tone of its voice (this does not signify to raise it)

3) The Consistency cannot emphasize itself sufficiently (animal they are as the children, if you are not coherent, they will come they be confused as for what expects)

The teaching their dog the basic orders of the obedience will cause a more pleasant and more obedient dog to be around. More Dogo Cubano training tips later.