Drentse Patrijshond Training

About This Breed

These dogs have been known as a Dutch breed for centuries. This dog has been also called the Dutch spaniel and it has been raised in a province from the north-west of Holland called Drentse. It has been told that these dogs are ascendants from spaniels and Setters. The Drentse Patrijshond dog has a multicolored fur, white with orange with brown spots. The Drentse Patrijshond dog training system can be based on special hunting techniques, as these dogs are used for that purpose but not only for that. Being such loving and devoted dogs, with a very good temperament, the Drentse Patrijshond dog training courses will help the dog have a proper life next to its master. Anyway, the main purpose of any Drentse Patrijshond dog training is to improve the relationship between the dog and its master and to make them feel very confident in one another.

Basic Drentse Patrijshond dog training commands in Austin

SIT – first place the dog collar and the dog leash around your dog’s neck. After you did that, pull up the leash and push down the dog’s back until it takes the sit position. If your Drentse Patrijshond dog won’t obey then pull the leash upward until it sits. Give the verbal command while handling the leash.

STAY – teaching your Drentse Patrijshond dog the stay command will have to follow the first one. Have the dog sit first. Then stand in front of it with the leash over its head while asking the stay command. If it wants to get up then pull the leash upward until the dog sits again. All Drentse Patrijshond dog training methods are based on positive strengthening, that is why the dogs become more and more willing to obey.

LIE DOWN – you can make your Drentse Patrijshond dog to lie down by pressing the dog’s shoulder blades down until it lies down or to pull the dog leash towards it’s behind in the diagonal direction until the dog takes the position in question. It’s important to give the command while doing these. Within several weeks, your dog will be able to associate the verbal command with this position.

STAND – your Drentse Patrijshond dog will execute this command if you help it do it at first. You can do that by holding the dog collar and pull it forward slightly on the collar. After you have your dog in the stand position keep it for about 20 seconds and then you may repeat the command until the dog will execute it without any help.

How to train a Drentse Patrijshond dog in Austin

It is very important to know that any Drentse Patrijshond dog training rules have to be abided by the owner and the dog too, just to make sure that the dressage program will get the best results possible. The persistence about how to train a Drentse Patrijshond dog is extremely important, as an improper Drentse Patrijshond dog training can be a real disaster and the dog can become really confused. It is totally not recommended to stroke a dog when it jumps at you and other times to discard it, to scold it or even hit it for the same action. The solution is to completely stop this kind of behavior you have towards your dog and be certain when reacting to its actions, no matter the conjuncture. When you come back home ignore your dog for a couple of minutes. Just ignore it and don’t even look at it. It will surely jump at you but don’t push it or touch it because any touch, even a brutal one, will constitute a kind of reward in these circumstances. Go into your room and stay there until your dog is calm again. After you come out of your room do the same thing, ignore it. Repeat this exercise until your dog will lose its enthusiasm when sees you. Only after that you can stroke it and play with it. This is very important information about how to train a Drentse Patrijshond dog in order to avoid unpleasant behaviors.