English Cocker Spaniel Training

About This Breed

These fun little dogs are excellent pets and can bring joy to any family. They are great with children and have an overall easy to train behavior. Here are a few English Cocker Spaniel training tips and dog training commands that you should focus on teaching your dog from an early puppy stage:

Train your dog the SIT command in Austin

  1. Start the training by verbalizing the word SIT every time your dog sits. The puppy will soon start to make a connection between his action and the word.
  2. Have a treat ready and bring it above the dog’s head. The smell of the treat and the natural curiosity of the puppy will make your English Cocker Spaniel look at your hand, and this forces him or her to back up and hopefully sit, this is an essential part of English Cocker Spaniel training programs.
  3. Give the SIT command again and reward the dog with the treat.
  4. Praise your dog verbally as well. An association between the praise and the verbal command will develop in the puppies’ memory.
  5. Repeat this a few times per session (one session each day for 6-8 weeks).

English Cocker Spaniel Austin Training – LAY DOWN

  1. Get the dog or puppy to sit
  2. Give the down command on a firm voice while gently forcing his legs out in front, a motion that will cause the puppy to lay down.
  3. Praise your dog.
  4. Repeat the exercise and make sure that the Cocker stays in the laydown position a little longer than before.
  5. Repeat the training steps a few times, but be careful not to go beyond a certain limit. English Cocker Spaniel training requires you to instruct the dog to obey commands while keeping the puppy interested in the training activities.

The stay command in Austin for English Cocker Spaniel

1. Begin by having the dog sit or lay down.
2. Say the STAY command firmly – an important element in English Cocker Spaniel training.
3. Even moderate success – a brief command response from your dog, should get the dog some praise. Lower your voice and praise the puppy.
4. Combine the STAY and COME commands and repeat them several times.
5. The English Cocker Spaniel training sequence shouldn’t be repeated more than a few times a day, or the puppy will get bored.