Finnish Hound Training

About This Breed

The Finnish hound dog is a Scandinavian canine and has some other alternative names, such as: Suomenajokoira and Finnish Stovare. The dog is originally from Finland and was created by crossing some French and German hound dogs with the English foxhound and also some old Stovare dogs. It is a medium-sized dog with a short and dense coat. Finnish hound dog training can be performed pretty easy because these dogs are extremely affectionate and friendly. They get very attached to their families, especially to kids, that is why the Finnish hound dog training program has to be a very rigorous and steady one. You need to make sure that your dog will never get aggressive towards you or your children.

How to train a Finnish hound dog in Austin

If you really want your dog to grow up in the best way possible and to have a very appropriate behavior towards you and people around, you don’t have to hesitate in contacting a specialist who is able to give you all the information about how to train a Finnish hound dog and will also give you indications for the best Finnish hound dog training that you can get for your dog. Trainers always consider the temperament of the dog and also the age and the type of breed and only after that you can benefit from a proper Finnish hound dog training program. A major part of the behavioral problems shown by your dog is the answer to some mistakes that the dog owners make during the animal’s education and socialization process. A very important aspect of training a dog with a well-balanced temperament is represented by the socialization of the dog towards other animals, especially dogs and humans. An inadequate socialization towards people and animals may lead to some serious behavioral problems, shown in aggressiveness and incertitude. You can avoid having these unpleasant problems if you put your dog under appropriate Finnish hound dog training.

Basic Finnish hound dog training commands in Austin

If you want to know how to train a Finnish hound dog the four basic commands you should read the text below.

SIT – first, place a dog collar and a dog leash around your dog’s neck. After you did that you may start teaching your Finnish hound dog the sitting command. Pull up the leash and push the dog down from its back while giving the verbal command. You will see that the dog will obey and will be able to execute the command by itself within a short period of time.

STAY – while your Finnish hound dog is in the sit position ask it to stay while keeping the dog leash above its head and you standing in front of it. Finnish hound dog training methods are always based on positive reinforcement that is why it is highly requested to praise the dog when obeys and listens to your commands.

LIE DOWN – teaching your Finnish hound dog how to lie down may be done if you push the dog from its scapula with your hands until it the position is taken. Do this gently so that the dog will have time to respond positively. Another option to make it lie down is to pull the dog leash diagonally towards the animal’s back until it takes the position in question. Within weeks your dog will be able to execute the lie-down command without a problem.

STAND – to teach your Finnish hound dog the stand command is very similar to the other methods used for the previously given commands. You just have to hold the dog collar and give the command whilst pulling forward on the collar gently. Make your dog stand still for about 20 seconds and then retake the exercise. If the dog wants to move, push the dog collar gently in the other direction until it stands. As you may have seen, the dog collar and the dog leash are the key articles in getting a full basic Finnish hound dog training course.